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Title I

Laws & Regulations — Federal & State


Title I, Part A
Title I, Part A is a program component of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) that provides financial assistance to districts and schools to help all children meet challenging state academic standards. Eligibility for Title I, Part A funding is based on data related to low-income families. ED allocates these federal dollars based primarily on poverty estimates that emerge from census data and the cost of education in each state.

Laws, Regulations & Guidance

  • EDGAR — Education Dept. General Administrative Regulations & Other Applicable Grant Regulations
    Part 80 (Administrative Requirements for Grants) and Part 76 (State-administered Programs) are two important components of EDGAR that frame the way districts and schools design Title I, Part A programs.
  • Schoolwide Programs are designed “to upgrade the entire educational program of a school that serves an eligible school attendance area in which not less than 40 percent of the children are from low-income families, or not less than 40 percent of the children enrolled in the school are from such families.”
  • Targeted Assistance Programs are designed “to provide services to eligible children identified as having the greatest need for special assistance.”
  • Highly qualified teachers — Principal Attestations
  • Title I, Part A Guidance — compiles Title I, Part A guidance on the U.S. Department of Education site

OMB A-87 Revised
Here are the principles and standards that determine how to expend federal award money — grants, cost reimbursement contracts, and other agreements with state and local governments and federally-recognized Indian tribal governments. OMB A-87 Revised | Basic Guidelines | Direct Costs | Indirect Costs

ESEA Flexibility Waiver
In 2012, ED granted a waiver request from our state. We asked that Washington be exempt from certain ESEA requirements to give us the opportunity to implement bold reforms around standards and accountability. The waiver makes it possible for state and local educators to decide how best ways to meet the individual needs of students they serve.

Washington State

Basic Education Act
The K-12 system is structured and governed by Washington’s Basic Education Act – an extensive series of laws and regulations. Procedure and process — for schools and districts — are defined in the Washington Administrative Code (WAC).

The Basic Education Act details “an evolving program of instruction that is intended to provide students with the opportunity to become responsible and respectful global citizens, to contribute to their economic well-being and that of their families and communities, to explore and understand different perspectives, and to enjoy productive and satisfying lives.” The legislature continues to refine this program of basic education and its administration.

    Learning Assistance Program (LAP)
    Learning Assistance Program (LAP) programs serve eligible students who need intensive academic support for reading, writing and math, or the readiness to learn these core subjects. With special emphasis on the early grades, schools use their state LAP funds to design programs that give these students the strong start they need for academic success.

    Changes to LAP Legislation
    This year, the state legislature made substantial changes to the law that created the Learning Assistance Program. These modifications mean that districts must follow new requirements that impact the application process, administration and programming.
    2013 Changes to LAP Program | Bulletin 040-13


What You Need to Know Right Now
LAP — New Rule Changes Add One More Transition Year

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