Student Transportation Forms
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School Bus Driver Forms

Sample School Bus Driver Annual Disclosure Form (Effective 9/1/2014) (Word)

Driving Record Request for School District Employees

School Bus Driver Physical Certification - 642A (PDF)

School Bus Driver Training Units and Authorization Checklist - 645A (PDF)

School Bus Stop Sign Violation Form - 1514 (PDF)

School Crosswalk Violation Form - 1663 (PDF)

Washington State Authorized School Bus Driver Diabetes Exemption Program - 1643 (Word)

Administration Guidelines for the School Bus Driver Diabetic Exemption Program (PDF)

School Bus Driver Training Record - 1650 (Word)

Annual Transportation Report Forms

School Bus Route and Bus Stop Location Form - 1022A (Excel)

Mid-day Count Worksheet - 1022B (Word)

District Car Mileage Log - 1022CM (Word)

District Car Student Count Form - 1022CS (Word)

Student Count Form - 1022D (Word)

McKinney-Vento Worksheet - 1022G (Word)

School Bus Forms

School Bus Acquisition Form - 1020A (Word) (PDF)

School Bus Disposition Form - 1020B (PDF) (Word)

Transportation Vehicle Fund Expenditure Approval - 1023 (PDF)

1400-1 Vendor Bid Proposal-Specifications for Gas/Diesel, 10-24 Passenger, Type A School Bus, GVWR 10,000 lbs. or less - 1400-1 (Word)

1400-2 Vendor Bid Proposal-Specifications for Gas/Diesel, 10-34 Passenger, Type A School Bus over 10,000 lbs. GVWR - 1400-2 (Word)

1400-3 Vendor Bid Proposal-Specifications for Gas/Diesel, 35-77 Passenger Type C School Bus - 1400-3 (Word)

1400-4 Vendor Bid Proposal-Specifications for Diesel, 42-90 Passenger Type D School Bus - 1400-4 (Word)


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