Recruitment, Induction, and Retention
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TitleII Part A

Recruitment, Induction, and Retention

Title IIA funds may be used to recruit teachers and principals. Strategies may include signing bonuses or attending job fairs to find teachers for difficult to staff positions.

Research suggests that “teachers seek work environments in which they are supported and treated as pro¬fessionals, sharing ideas and resources with colleagues, and receiving respect and guidance from the principal” (NWCC, 2014).

Districts can also use Title IIA funds to support and grow new teachers and principals during their first three years. Effective mentoring programs that include formal mentoring and assistance can increase retention rates and reduce long-term costs for districts.

Work conditions, such as workloads and planning time, severe behavior problems in students, and low-quality facilities and materials are some of the greatest factors that affect teacher retention. School districts can use their Title IIA funds for the retention of highly qualified teachers and principals, particularly in schools with a high percentage of low-achieving students.

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