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  Science Assessment



Science Short-Answer Item Templates

These Word documents contain templates for the question and the scoring rubric of common short-answer items on the Science MSP and Biology End-of-Course. The templates can be edited for use in classroom practice by incorporating content from any unit in a science curriculum.

Inquiry Items

Conclusion: Grade 5 Grade 8 EOC
New Procedure: Grade 5 Grade 8 EOC
New Field Study: Grade 5 Grade 8 EOC

Application Items

Research & Explore: N/A Grade 8 EOC
Plan & Test: Grade 5 Grade 8 N/A
Redesign: Grade 5 Grade 8 EOC
Criteria & Constraints: N/A N/A EOC
Test Solution: N/A N/A EOC
Careers: Grade 5 N/A N/A
Unintended Consequence: N/A N/A EOC





   Updated 1/5/2015

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