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Education Jobs Bill Information

This information contains information about the Education Jobs Fund for school districts.

Education Jobs Questions and Answers (PDF)

This document contains questions and answers pertaining to the Education Jobs Fund allocations for districts, including allowable expenditures and other topics of interest. (Added November 1, 2010.)

Education Jobs Allocation Amounts (PDF)

This PDF shows the final allocations to districts. (Added November 1, 2010.)

New Transparency Requirements Under OMB (PDF)

This document contains information about new transparency requirements pertaining to federal grants. The Federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has issued these guidelines in accordance with the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA). (Added November 1, 2010.)

Education Jobs and Budget Reduction PowerPoint

This PowerPoint was presented by JoLynn Berge and Shawn Lewis on October 20, 2010. Major topics included the across-the-board budget reductions and their impact on school district funding, as well as information about the Education Jobs Fund. (Added November 1, 2010.)

For additional information, please contact JoLynn Berge.

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    Supervisor, Enrollment : Becky McLean (360)725-6306
    Supervisor, Apportionment Payments, Basic Ed Funding : Melissa Jarmon (360)725-6307
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