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2005–2006 Enrollment Reporting Handbook
Bulletin 075-05 School Apportionment And Financial Services
2005–06 Enrollment Reporting Handbook
NEW Alternative Learning Experience Rules WAC 392-121-182. (PDF) (Word) These new rules will take effect on August 5, 2005.

Individual Enrollment Reporting Forms and Instructions:

All Forms (PDF) (Word)
P-223 - Monthly Report of School District Enrollment Eligible for Basic Support (PDF) (Word)
P-223H - Monthly Report of School District Special Education Enrollment (PDF) (Word)
P-223S - Nonstandard School Year AAFTE Enrollment Eligible for Basic Support (PDF) (Word)
P-240 - Monthly Attendance Report of Ancillary Services to Part-Time Students Eligible for Basic Support (PDF) (Word)
P-213 - Report of Students Residing in Nonhigh Districts and Enrolled in High School Districts (PDF) (Word)
E-525 - Report of Final Home and Hospital Attendance (PDF) (Word)
[Updated - July 22, 2005]

For Enrollment Reporting information, please contact:
Enrollment Reports, P-223, Home/Hospital Funding, Impact Aid: Becky McLean (360)725-6306
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