School Mapping: Emergency Response System
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School Safety Center

School Mapping: Emergency Response System

In Washington, a secure online system called the Critical Incident Planning and Mapping System, or Rapid Responder, provides a unified means for school administrators, law enforcement, fire officials, and other emergency responders to share critical information during emergencies involving schools. The school mapping system is managed by the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs. Information in the system includes not only maps and floor plans, but also school crisis plans, hazardous material inventories, interior photographs, and staff contact lists.

State Law on School Mapping

The Legislature began funding the school mapping program in 2003, and since that time all schools in the state have been mapped. Since 2007, use of the mapping system and annual updating of crisis plans is required (SSB 5097). All emergency response agencies in the state have access to the school mapping system. Maintaining the information in the mapping system is the responsibility of school personnel working with local emergency responders.

How to Access School Mapping

School administrators needing access to the school mapping system, or who have questions about using the mapping system or annual reporting, should contact:

Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs
(877) 879-5187

Safety Center

School Safety Center


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