K-12 Rules and Regulations: RCWs and WACs
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K-12 Rules and Regulations

RCWs and WACs

What is a RCW? RCW stands for Revised Code of Washington. An RCW, or law, is the result of legislation that has been passed by the House and Senate and has been signed by the Governor. The Revised Code of Washington contains all laws that have been adopted in the State of Washington, as well as a history of all laws that have previously existed or been amended. The education laws are found in RCW Title 28A Common School Provisions.

What is a WAC? WAC stands for Washington Administrative Code. WACs are administrative codes, or rules, that are adopted by agencies, including OSPI, to enact legislation and RCWs. The Washington Administrative Code contains all rules that have been adopted, as well as the history of all previously existing WACs and amendments in Washington. OSPI rules are found under Title 392 WAC Rules and Regulations of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. The State Board of Education's rules are found under Title 180 WAC Rules and Regulations of the State Board of Education.

RCWs and WACs that pertain to K-12 Education in Washington:

Common School Provisions

Rules and Regulations of the Superintendent of Public Instruction

Rules and Regulations of the State Board of Education

Rules and Regulations of the Professional Educator Standards Board

Administrative Procedures

Collective Bargaining

Other Selected Laws

Visit Washington State Legislative Search for more information.

Rules Process

OSPI has the authority to create rules for public and approved private schools in Washington state.

State agencies adopt rules to implement the state's Common School Provisions and federal law.

This authority can be found in RCW 34.05.

More information:
Rules Process

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