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State Testing and Graduation Handouts

We are currently updating the following documents to reflect the changes from the 2013 legislative session -- specifically the graduation changes for the Class of 2015 and beyond. In the meantime, please visit for accurate information about the new testing requirements for graduation.

Graduation in Washington Toolkit

Graduation in Washington Toolkit Updated September 2014
A resource to help educators and families understand state graduation requirements. The toolkit will be periodically updated with new materials and when changes occur. School districts should ensure all key personnel are aware of the toolkit.
Translations into nine languages are coming in October.

Learning By Choice Updated July 2014
The Learning by Choice guide answers the commonly asked questions about the Learning by Choice law, options created by the No Child Left Behind Act, and other enrollment options available to students in public, private and home-based instruction.

Your Child's Progress

Your Child’s Progress Updated August 2014
A short handout that broadly covers learning expectations and basic information on state testing in grades K-12. It is translated into nine languages.

State Testing 2015

State Testing 2015 (PDF) Updated August 2014
This one-page handout covers key testing information and dates on the front and provides answers to FAQs on the back.
Translations into nine languages are coming in September.

Class of 2011: Meeting State Standards by Graduation

Graduation Requirements Checklist (PDF) Updated August 2014
A checklist by graduating class. Track your student’s progress as they move through high school.
Class of 2015 | Class of 2016 | Class of 2017 | Class of 2018

Overview of Certificate of Academic Achievement Options

Overview of Certificate of Academic Achievement Options (PDF) Updated September 2014
Some students may need to use an assessment other than a state exam to demonstrate their skills. For them, the CAA Options -- or state-approved alternatives -- are available.

Options for Students Not Graduating After Four Years of High School

Options for Students Not Graduating After Four Years of High School (PDF) Updated September 2013
Also available in these languages:
Chinese | Khmer | Korean | Punjabi | Russian | Somali | Spanish | Tagalog | Vietnamese

Parent/Guardian Access to Their Child's WASL Test Booklets

Parent/Guardian Access to their Child’s Test Booklets and How to File a Score Appeal (PDF) Updated August 2013
FAQs about who can request to review a test booklet and how to do it.

Special Education and State Testing

Special Education and State Testing (PDF) Updated September 2014
Students in Washington are tested every year in English language arts (ELA), math and science. Individualized Education Program (IEP) teams determine how each student in special education participates in state testing. Translations are coming later this month.

Principal Letter Templates

Principal Letter Templates
OSPI has produced letter templates that schools can use to communicate state testing information to families.





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