Highly Capable
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  Gayle Pauley
  (360) 725-6100

  Kristina Johnstone
  Program Supervisor
  (360) 725-4991



Highly Capable

Webinars and Training Materials

2014-15 Consolidated Program Review (CPR)
Highly Capable Program & CPR (Video) │ Presentation (PDF/21 slides)

CEDARS Gifted Values and Exit Codes

Annual Plans — iGrants
Annual Plans Class 1 Districts FP 217Class 2 Districts FP 685

End-of-Year Report
2013-14 School Year Data

2013-14 Consolidated Program Review (CPR)  

Changes to WAC 392-170

Q&A — Webinar & Presentation

District Responsibilities
District responsibilities change with amended WAC 392-170. This presentation outlines those new requirements.

Changes to State Law Impact Highly Capable Programs
RCWs 28A.185 through 28A.185.060 place requirements for programs that serve highly capable students into Washington’s Basic Education Act.

  • Use Title 28A RCW Common School Provisions to see all the statutes that govern public education.

Revisions to WAC 392-170 Special Service Program—Highly Capable Students align Washington’s administrative code to these legislative changes.



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