Graduation Requirements
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Graduation Requirements

Complete a High School and Beyond Plan

The High School and Beyond Plan is a formal process designed to help students think about their future and select course work that will best prepare them for their post high school goals. Students create their High School and Beyond Plans in cooperation with parents/guardians and school staff. Students write their plans in middle school and then continue to revise throughout high school to accommodate changing interests or goals.

Students should be encouraged to include the following elements in their plan:

  • Their personal story – what experiences, interests and goals are shaping who they are now and who they want to become
  • Their learning style
  • Their goals for high school – what their four years of high school look like, including classes, extracurricular activities, sports, a job, etc.
  • Their goals for immediately after high school – a student’s plan should include the classes needed in preparation for a 2- to 4-year college, vocational or technical school, certificate program or the workforce.

The High School and Beyond Plan is central to the graduation requirements. Pending legislative authorization and funding, The Washington State Board of Education has approved adding the following elements to the High School and Beyond Plan to make the requirements more consistent across districts and more relevant to students:

  1. Personal interests, abilities, and relationship to current career goals.
  2. Four-year plan for course-taking that is related to graduation requirements and the student’s interests and goals, including consideration of dual credit opportunities within such a plan.
  3. Research on postsecondary training and education related to one’s career goals, including comparative information on the benefits and costs of available choices.
  4. Budget for postsecondary education or training and life, based on potential education and training choices.
  5. Participation in a postsecondary site visit(s).
  6. Completion of an application for postsecondary education and training.
  7. Completion of a resume.
  8. Identify assessments that may assist in planning or are required to achieve educational/career goals.

The Washington State Board of Education established the High School and Beyond Plan as a graduation requirement in 2000. The requirement is effective for students in the graduating class of 2008 and beyond, through WAC 180-51-061, WAC 180-51-066, and WAC 180-51-067.

Each school district determines the guidelines for the High School and Beyond Plan. Please contact your local school district to obtain a copy of the guidelines that have been established for your district.

Lessons on Creating a High School and Beyond Plan
Download lessons for each grade level to create a High School and Beyond Plan. Contact or (360) 725-6032 with questions.  Please visit Career Guidance Washington for more information.

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