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Washington State Acronyms

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AA - Affirmative Action
AA - Associate in Arts
AAFTE - Annual Average Full-Time Equivalency
AALT - Arts Assessment Leadership Team
AASA - Agency on Aging and Adult Services
AASA - American Association of School Administrators
ABE - Adult Basic Education
ABFR - Administrative, Budgeting, Financial Reporting handbook
ACCT - Agency Council on Coordinated Transportation
ACE - American Council on Education
ACJ - Administrative Court Judge
ACPE - Association of Computer Professionals in Education
ACT - American College Testing Program
ACTE - Association of Career and Technical Education
ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act
ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder
ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
ADP - Average Daily Participation
AERA - American Education Research Association
AESA - Association of Educational Service Agencies
AFT - American Federation of Teachers
AG - Attorney General
AGELE - Association for Gender Equity in Education
AGO - Attorney General Option
AICPA - American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
AIDS - Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AL - Annual Leave
ALE - Alternative Learning Experience
ALJ - Administrative Law Judge
AMEWS - Association of Military Educators in Washington State
AP - Advanced Placement
APB - All Points Bulletin
APCAC - Admissions and Professional Conduct Advisory Committee
ARS - At Risk Students
ASB - Associated Student Body
ASBF - Associated Student Body Fund
ASCD - Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
ASFSA - American School Food Service Association
ASSM - Association of State Supervisors of Mathematics
ASVAB - Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
ASW - Autism Society of Washington
AT - Assistive Technology
AVA - American Vocational Association
AWB - Association of Washington Business
AWMLP - Association of Washington Middle Level Principals
AWSP - Association of Washington School Principals
AYP - Adequate Yearly Progress

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BA - Bachelor of Arts
BBCC - Big Bend Community College
BBS - Bulletin Board Service
BCC - Bellevue Community College
BD - Behavioral Disability
BE - Business Education
BEA - Basic Education Act
BEACONS - Behavioral, Emotional and Academic Curriculum for the Ongoing Needs of Students
BIA - Bureau of Indian Affairs
BIAW - Brain Injury Association of Washington
BIP - Behavioral Intervention Plan
BORNFREE - Building Options, Reassessing Norms and Freeing Roles through Educational Equity
BS - Bachelor of Science

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CA - Children’s Administration
CAA - Certificate of Academic Achievement
CAAN - Child and Adolescent Nutrition
CACFP - Child and Adult Care Food Program
CAFR - Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
CAFS - Computer Assisted Food Service
CAL - Current Authorized Level
CAMP - College Assisted Migrant Program
CAP - Corrective Action Plan
CAROI - Cooperative Audit Resolution and Oversight Initiative
CAS - Cognitive Assessment System
CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocate
CASE - Council for Administrators of Special Education
CBC - Circumstances Beyond Control
CBC - Columbia Basin College
CBSA - Core-Based Statistical Data CC Centralia College
CC - Clark College CCC Cascadia Community College
CCC - County Community Council
CCD - Common Core of Data
CCSSO - Council of Chief State School Officers
CD - Communication Disorders
CD ROM - Compact Disk - Read only Memory
CDP - Census Designated Place
CDS - Communication Disorder Specialist
CDC - Centers for Disease Control CE Community Education
CEC - Council for Exceptional Children
CEDARS - Comprehensive Education Data and Research System
CENET - Community Education National Electronic Telephone
CEP - Cultural Enrichment Program
CEU - Continuing Education Units (AKA “Clock Hours”)
CFDA - Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
CFP - Consolidated Federal Programs CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CFS - Character and Fitness Supplement
CFS - Children and Family Services (Children’s Administration)
CHAP - Comprehensive Homeless Assistance Plan
CHEF - Comprehensive Health Education Foundation
CHESP - Community, Higher Education and School Partnerships
CHINS - Child in Need of Services
CIA - Certificate of Individual Achievement
CIS - Certificated Instructional Staff
CIP - Classification of Instructional Programs
CJTC - Criminal Justice Training Commission
CNA - Comprehensive Needs Assessment
CNP - Child Nutrition Program
CNS - Child Nutrition Services
COM - Certificate of Mastery (replaced by CAA and CIA)
COVE - Council on Vocational Education
CPA - Certified Public Accountant
CPF - Capital Projects Fund
CPI - Consumer Price Index
CPR - Consolidated Program Review
CPR - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
CPRT - Consolidated Program Review Team
CPS - Child Protective Services
CPU - Central Processing Unit
CRA - Civil Rights Act
CRE - Coordinated Review Effort
CR - Civil Rights
CRT - Criterion-Referenced Tests
CSA - Consolidated Services Agreement
CSA - Consolidated Statistical Area
CSHCN - Children with Special Health Care Needs
CSL - Commission on Student Learning
CSPD - Comprehensive System of Personnel Development
CSR - Civil Service Reform
CSR - Comprehensive School Reform
CSRS - Core Student Record System
CSTC - Child Study and Treatment Center
CTBS - Comprehensive Tests of Basic Skills
CTE - Career and Technical Education
CTED - Community, Trade and Economic Development
CTONI - Comprehensive Test of Non-Verbal Intelligence
CQ - Classification Questionnaire
CVEO - Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer
CWS - Child Welfare Services
CWU - Central Washington University
CY - Calendar Year (January-December)

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DA - Distributing Agency
DAID - District Assigned ID
DARE - Drug Abuse Resistance Education
DAS - Differential Ability Scales
DASA - Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse
DCFS - Division of Children and Family Services
DCTED - Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development
DD - Developmentally Delayed
DDC - Developmental Disabilities Council
DDD - Division of Developmental Disabilities
DE - Distributive Education
DEL - Department of Early Learning
DECADistributive Education Clubs of America
DGA - Dietary Guidelines for Americans
DHHS - Department of Health and Human Services
DIBELS - Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills
DNR - Department of Natural Resources
DOC - Department of Commerce
DOC - Department of Corrections
DOE - United States Department of Education
DOH - Department of Health
DOL - Department of Licensing
DOP - Department of Personnel
DORF - DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency
DOT - Department of Transportation
DOVIA - Directors of Volunteers in Agencies
DRP - Degrees of Reading Power
DRS - Department of Retirement System
DSB - Department of Services for the Blind
DSF - Debt Service Fund
DSHS - Department of Social and Health Services
DVR - Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

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E2T2 - Enhancing Education Through Technology
EALR - Essential Academic Learning Requirements (Essential Learnings)
EBD - Emotionally/Behaviorally Disabled
EBP - Evidence Based Practice
ECC - Edmonds Community College
ECC - Everett Community College
ECDAW - Early Childhood Development Association of Washington
ECEAP - Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program
ECIA - Education Consolidation and Improvement Act
ED - Emotional Disturbance
ED - United States Department of Education
EDGAR - Education Department General Administrative Regulations
EEO - Equal Educational Opportunities
EETT - Enhancing Education Through Technology
EHA - Education for Handicapped Act
EIAC - Education Information Advisory Council
EIPOP - Enhancing Instruction Program Options Project
EIRF - Education Institute for Rural Families
ELD - English Language Development
ELL - English Language Learner
EPA - Environmental Protection Agency
EPSDT - Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment
ERA - Equal Rights Amendment
ER - Extended Response
ERC - Employee Recognition Committee
ERIC - Educational Resources Information Center
ERL - Essential Requirements Level ES Employment Security (Department)
ESA - Economic Services Administration
ESA - Educational Staff Associate
ESHB - Engrossed Substitute House Bill
ESD - Educational Service District
ESD - Employment Security Department
ESEA - Elementary and Secondary Education Act
ESL - English as a Second Language
ESOL - English for Speakers of Other Languages
ESPAW - Elementary School Principals Association of Washington
ESY - Extended School Year
ETSC - Educational Technology Support Center
ETV - Educational Television
EWU - Eastern Washington University

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FACSE - Family and Consumer Sciences Education
FAE - Fetal Alcohol Effect
FAPE - Free Appropriate Public Education
FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
FAS - Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
FASB - Financial Accounting Standards Board
FBA - Functional Behavioral Assessment
FBLA - Future Business Leaders of America
FCCLA - Family, Career and Community Leaders of America
FDA - Food and Drug Administration
FDCH - Family Day Care Home
FDP - Food Distribution Program
FDPIR - Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Act
FEPP - Family Educator Partnership Project
FERPA - Family Education Rights and Privacy Act
FERPA - Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act
FFA - Future Farmers of America
FFY - Federal Fiscal Year
FHA/HERO - Future Homemakers of America/Home Economics Related Activities
FIP - Family Independence Program
FMVSS - Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard
FOIA - Freedom of Information Act
FPC - Family Policy Council
FSD - Food Service Director
FSMC - Food Service Management Company
FSP - Food Stamp Program
FSS - Food Service Supervisor
FTE - Full Time Equivalent
FY - Fiscal Year (July-June)

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GA - General Administration
GAAP - Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
GAAS - Generally Accepted Auditing Standards
GAGAS - Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards
GAO - Government Accountability Office
GASB - Governmental Accounting Standards Board
GATB - General Aptitude Test Battery
GCERF - Governor’s Council on Education Reform and Funding
GEAR UP - Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs
GED - General Education Development certificate
GED/HEP - General Educational Development/High School Equivalency Program
GEPA - General Education Provisions Act
GESA - Generating Expectations and Student Achievement (AKA Gender/Ethnic Expectations and Student Achievement)
GF - General Fund
GFOA - Government Finance Officers’ Association
GHC - Grays Harbor College
GIS - Geographical Information Systems
GLE - Grade Level Expectations
GPA - Grade Point Average

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HB - House Bill
HCC - Highline Community College
HD - Health Department
HECB - Higher Education Coordinating Board
HEW - Health, Education and Welfare
HFALT - Health and Fitness Assessment Leadership Team
HFL - Home and Family Life
H/H - Home/Hospital
HHS - Health and Human Services
HIV - Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
H/LTT - Hispanic/Latino Think Tank
HOB - House Office Building
HQ - Highly Qualified
HRC - Human Rights Commission
HRMS - Human Resource Management Service
HRS - Health and Rehabilitative Services
HS - Head Start
HSC - Health Service Commission
HTML - Hypertext Markup Language (markup symbols or codes for Web browser page)
HUD - Housing and Urban Development

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IASA - Improving America’s Schools Act
IB - International Baccalaureate ICC Interagency Coordinating Council
ICSEW - Governor’s Interagency Committee for State Employed Women
ICW - Indian Child Welfare
IDEA - Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
IDEIA - Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act
IE - Internet Explorer web browser software
IEE - Independent Educational Evaluation
IEP - Individualized Education Program
IFIC - Interagency Food Issue Committee
IFSP - Individualized Family Services Plan
IGC - Institute for Global Communications
iGRANTS - Informed Grants Reporting Analytical Net-based Transaction System
IHE - Institution of Higher Education
IIA - Institute of Internal Auditors
ILC - Independent Living Center
IMEC - Interstate Migrant Education Council
INTASC - Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium
I/R - Identification and Recruitment
IR - Intake and Referral
IRA - International Reading Association
IRCA - Immigration Reform and Control Act
IRT - Item Response Theory
ISF - Initial Sound Fluency
ISLLC - Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium
IT - Information Technology
ITBS - Iowa Test of Basic Skills
ITED - Iowa Tests of Educational Development
ITEIP - Infants and Toddlers Early Intervention Program
ITIP - Instructional Theory Into Practice

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JAC - John A. Cherberg (Building)
JAG - Jobs for Amercia’s Graduates
JATC - Joint Apprenticeship Training Council
JCPP - Joint Committee on Pension Policy
JDRP - Joint Dissemination and Review Project
JDRP - Juvenile Detention Rehabilitation Program
JLARC - Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee
JRA - Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration
JSCER - Joint Select Committee on Education Restructuring
JOM - Johnson O’Malley
JTPA - Job Training Partnership Act

K (top of page)
K-TEA II - Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement 2nd edition
K-TEA/NU - Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement/Normative Update Grades kindergarten through twelve
K20 - Videoconference Network
KABC II - Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children, 2nd Edition
KAIT - Kaufman Adolescent and Adult Intelligence Test
KM-R/NU - Key Math-Revised/Normative Update
KSA - Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

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L&I - Labor and Industries
LAP - Learning Assistance Program
LAS-O - Language Assessment Scales - Oral
LBC - Legislative Budget Committee
LCBLiquor Control Board LCD Liquid Crystal Display
LD - Learning Disability
LDA - Learning Disabilities Association of Washington
LEA - Local Education Agency
LEAP - Legislative Evaluation and Accountability Program
LEAP - Latino Educational Achievement Project
LEP - Limited English Proficient
LEITER-R - Leiter-Revised
LID - Learning Improvement Day
LNF - Letter Naming Fluency
LON - Letter of Notification
LPN - Licensed Practical Nurse
LRE - Least Restrictive Environment
LWOP - Leave Without Pay

M (top of page)
M&O - Maintenance and Operation
MAA - Medical Assistance Administration
MALT - Math Assessment Leadership Team
MAT - Master of Arts in Teaching
MAT6 - Metropolitan Achievement Test (6th edition)
MC - Multiple Choice
MCE - Multicultural Education
McREL - Mid-continent Regional Education Laboratory
MDL - Management Decision Letter
MECCA - Making Equity Count for Classroom Achievement
MEN - Migrant Education News
MEP - Migrant Education Program
MERO - Migrant Education Regional Office
METT - Multi-Ethnic Think Tank
MHC - Math Helping Corps
MHCC - Math Helping Corps Cadre
MHD - Mental Health Division
MIT - Masters in Teaching
MOE - Maintenance of Effort
MOESR - Maintenance of Effort State Revenue
MOST - Goals Measureable, Observable, Specific, Timebound Goals
MOU - Memorandum of Understanding
MPR - Median Percentile Rank
MR - Mental Retardation
MS - Mail Stop
MSA - Management Services Administration
MSA - Metropolitan Statistical Area
MSDR - Migrant Student Data and Recruitment
MSIS - Migrant Student Information System
MSRS - Migrant Student Record System
MSRTS - Migrant Student Record Transfer System
MWBE - Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises
M-V - McKinney-Vento

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NA - Not Applicable
NAAC - National Association for Alternative Certification
NAAS - Northwest Association of Accredited Schools
NABE - National Association of Bilingual Educators
NAEP - National Assessment of Educational Progress
NAESP - National Association of elementary School Principals
NAEYC - National Association for the Education of Young Children
NAPT - National Association for Pupil Transportation
NASCU - Northwest Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities
NASDCTE - National Association of State Directors of Career and Technical Education
NASDPTS - National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services
NASDME - National Association of State Directors of Migrant Education
NASDSE - National Association of School Directors of Special Education
NASDTEC - National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education
NASSP - National Association of Secondary School Principals
NBC - National Board Certification
NBPTS - National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
NCATE - National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education
NCCE - Northwest Council for Computers in Education
NCE - National Curve Equivalent
NCEA - National Community Education Association
NCES - National Center for Education Statistics (course code classification system)
NCLB - No Child Left Behind (Federal Act)
NCREL - North Central Regional Educational Laboratory
NCSEACE - National Council of State Education Agency Community Educators
NCS - NCS Pearson - testing company that helped develop the WASL
NCSS - National Council for Social Studies
NCSTL - Northwest Consortium for the Study of Time and Learning
NCTE - National Council of Teachers of English
NCTM - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
NCSM - National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics
NDN - National Diffusion Network
NEA -National Education Association
NEA - National Endowment for the Arts
NECTAC - National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center
NECTAS - National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Services (now NECTAC)
NERC - Non-Employee Related Costs
NET - Nutrition Education Training
NEVAC - North East Vocational Area Cooperative
NHTSA - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
NICHD - National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
NIE - National Institute of Education
NMSA - National Middle School Association
NPA - Non Public Agency
NRP - National Reading Panel
NRT - Norm-Referenced Tests
NSBA - National School Boards Association
NSCC - North Seattle Community College
NSLP - National School Lunch Program
NSMP - Nutrient Standard Menu Planning
NSTA - National Science Teachers Association
NSVP - National School Volunteer Program
NWCCC - Northwestern Curriculum Coordination Center
NWEA - Northwest Evaluation Association
NWF - Nonsense Word Fluency
NWREL - Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory

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OAC - Office of Administrator of the Courts
OC - Olympic College
OCBOA - Other Comprehensive Basis Of Accounting
OCR - Office for Civil Rights
OE - Office of Education (Federal)
OEDS - Organizational and Employee Development Services (part of DOP)
OESE - Office of Elementary and Secondary Education
OFM - Office for Financial Management
OGC - Office of General Counsel
OIG - Office of the Inspector General
OJT - On-The-Job Training
OMB - Office of Management and Budget
OME - Office of Migrant Education
OMK - Operation Military Kids
OPEC - Office of Professional Education and Certification (see PEC)
OPP - Office of Professional Practices
OPS - Operations and Support
OSEP - Office of Special Education Programs
OSERS - Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services
OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OSPI - Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
OT - Occupational Therapist
OTS - Order Typing Service
OVAE - Office of Vocational and Adult Education
OVS - Offer Versus Serve
OWLS - Oral and Written Language Scales

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PA - Physician Assistant
PA - Phonemic Awareness
PACER - Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights
PAIT-R/NU - Peabody Individual Achievement Test-Revised/Normative Update
PAR - Personnel Action Request
PAS - Promoting Academic Success
PASS - Portable Assisted Study Sequence
PAVE - Parents Are Vital in Education
PC - Peninsula College
PC - Personal Computer
PCFS - Pierce College Fort Steilacoom
PCP - Pierce College Puyallup
PCW - Practitioner’s Committee Workshop
PDA - Professional Development Assistant PDD Pervasive Development Disorder
PDF - Portable Document Format (can be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader software)
PDK - Phi Delta Kappa
PDMS - Professional Development Management System
PEAB - Professional Educators Advisory Board
PEAC - Professional Education Advisory Council (see PEAB)
PEC - Professional Education and Certification
PERS - Public Employees’ Retirement System
PESB - Professional Educator Standards Board
PFL - Partnership for Learning
PGP - Professional Growth Plan
PGT - Professional Growth Team
PI - Prevention/Intervention
PIC - Private Industry Council
PIP - Primary Intervention Program
PIPE - Private Initiatives in Public Education
PL - Public Law
PLU - Pacific Lutheran University
PLUS - Project Literacy United States
PNAIS - Pacific Northwest Association of Independent Schools
PR - Purchase Request
ProCert - Professional Certification
PSAC - Private School Advisory Committee
PSCTM - Puget Sound Council of Teachers of Mathematics
PSE - Public School Employee
PSESD - Puget Sound Educational Service District
PSF - Phoneme Segmentation Fluency
PT - Physical Therapist
PTA - Parents and Teachers Association
PTO - Parent Teacher Organization
PTWA - Physical Therapist Association of Washington

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QZAB - Qualified Zone Academy Bond

R (top of page)
R2R - Right to Read
RALT - Reading Assessment Leadership Team
RAP - Remediation Assistance Program
RCCI - Residential Child Care Institution
RCU - Research Coordinating Unit
RCW - Revised Code of Washington
RD - Registered Dietitian
REAP - Rural Education Achievement Program
RESA - Regional Education Services Agency
REW - Rehabilitation Enterprises of Washington
RFI - Request for Information
RFP - Request for Proposals
RFQ - Request for Quotes
RFQ - Request for Qualifications
RFT - Retell Fluency
RIC - Resource Information Center
RIF - Reduction in Force
RLAC - Regional Learning Assessment Center
RLISP - Rural Low-Income Schools Program
RN - Registered Nurse RRC Regional Resource Center
RSN - Regional Support Network
RSVP - Recruitment/Retention System for Vital Personnel
RTL - Readiness To Learn

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S-BIV - Stanford-Binet IV
S-B5 - Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales, Fifth Edition
SA - Short Answer
SAC - State Advisory Committee
SAC - Subject Advisory Committee
SACVE - State Advisory Council on Vocational Education
SAE - vState Agency Expense
SAILS - Standvards, Assessment, Instruction, Leadership, Systemwide Commitment
SALT - Science Assessment Leadership Team
SAO - State Auditor’s Office
SAT - Scholastic Assessment Test
SAT - Scholastic Achievement Test
SAT - Scholastic Aptitude Test
SaYES - Seniors Assisting Youth Engaged in Service
SB - Senate Bill
SBCTC - State Board for Community and Technical College
SBD - Severely Behaviorally Disabled
SBE - State Board of Education
SBH - State Board of Health
SBP - School Breakfast Program
SBVE - State Board for Vocational Education (used to be CVE)
SC - Skills Center
SCC - Shoreline Community College
SCC - Spokane Community College
SCCC - Seattle Central Community College
SD - School District
SDAAC - School District Accounting Advisory Committee
SDI - Specifically Designed Instruction
SEA - State Education Agency
SEAC - Special Education Advisory Council
SEALT - Special Education Assessment Leadership Team
SEC - Special Education Coalition
SEEN - Sex Equity in Education Network
SEMY - Secondary Education for Migrant Youth
SEP - Standard Error of Proportion
SES - Socio-Economic Status
SES - Supplemental Education Services
SETC - Special Education Technology Center
SEVIS - Student and Exchange Visitor Information System
SFA - School Food Authority
SFAB - School Facilities Advisory Board
SFCC - Spokane Falls Community College
SFSP - Summer Food Service Program
SGN - State Government Network
SHB - Substitute House Bill
SI - School Improvement
SICC - State Interagency Coordinating Council
SIF - School Improvement Facilitator
SIP - School Improvement Plan
SIRS - School Information & Research Service
SL - Sick Leave
SLA - Second Language Acquisition
SLD - Severe Learning Disabled
SLD - Specific Learning Disability
SLE - Supportive Learning Environments
SLIG - Student Learning Improvement Grant
SLIAG - State Legislation Impact Assistant Grant
SLO - Student Learning Objective
SLP - Speech-Language Pathologist
SLP - Student Leadership Program
SLP - Student Learning Plans
SMART - Specific, Measurable, Attainable/Realistic, Related to Student Achievement, Time bound
SMI - School Meals Initiative
SMP - Special Milk Program
SNAP - School Nutrition Accountability Program
SNOW - School Nurse Organization of Washington
SNB - Severe Need Breakfast
SNP - School Nutrition Program
SO - Sponsoring Organization
SOICC - State Occupational Information Coordinating Committee
SOP - State-Operated Program
SPI - Superintendent of Public Instruction
SPLICE - Skills for the Person to Live Independently in the Community and the Economy
SPS - School Program Section
SPSCC - South Puget Sound Community College
SPU - Seattle Pacific University
SRSAP - Small Rural School Achievement Program
SSALT - Social Studies Assessment Leadership Team
SSB - Substitute Senate Bill
SSCC - South Seattle Community College
SSID - State Student Identifier
SSIRG - School System Improvement Resource Guide
SSIT - Statewide School Improvement Training
STC - School-To-Career
STD - Sexually Transmitted Disease
STEPS - Sequenced Transition from Education to Post-School Settings
STEPS - Sequenced Transition in Education for Public Schools
STOMP - Specialized Training of Military Parents
STW - School-To-Work
SVC - Skagit Valley College

T (top of page)
T&I - Trade and Industrial
TA - Technical Assistance
TA - Travel Authorization
TAC - Technical Assistance Center (NW Regional Education Laboratory)
TANF - Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
TAP - Teacher Assistance Program
TAP - Technical Assistance Paper
TESA - Teacher Expectations and Student Achievement
TBI - Traumatic Brain Injury
TBIP - Transitional Bilingual Instruction Program
TCC - Tacoma Community College
TDD - Telecommunication Device for the Deaf
TESC - The Evergreen State College
TNT - Team Nutrition Training
TR - Travel Request
TSE - Traffic Safety Education
TTT - Troops To Teachers
TVF - Transportation Vehicle Fund

U (top of page)
UA - Urbanized Area
UNIT - Universal Nonverbal Intelligence Test
UPS - University of Puget Sound
URL - Uniform Resource Locator (the “address” of a web site)
URRD - Urban, Rural, Racial, Disadvantaged
USC - United States Code
USDA - United States Department of Agriculture
USDE - United States Department of Education
USDL - United States Department of Labor
USDOE - United States Department of Education
USDOJ - United States Department of Justice
USA - United States of America
USIC - Unique Student Identifier Code
USOE - United States Office of Education
UW - University of Washington

V (top of page)
V-TECS - Vocational-Technical Education Consortium of States
VA - Veterans Administration
VC - Video Conference
VICA - Vocational Industrial Clubs of America
VSC - Vocational Skills Center
VTC - Video TeleConference VTI Vocational Technical Institute

W (top of page)
WAAE - Washington Alliance for Arts Education
WAAS - Washington Alternate Assessment System
WABE - Washington Association for Bilingual Education
WAC - Washington Administrative Code
WACAL - Washington Coalition of Adult Literacy
WACCBD - Washington Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders
WACTE - Washington Association for Career and Technical Education
WACTE - Washington Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
WAEA - Washington Art Education Association
WAEDHH - Washington Association for Educators of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
WAEGM - Washington Association of Educational Grants Managers
WAEYC - Washington Association for the Education of Young Children
WAHPERD - Washington Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
WAIS-III - Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale - III
WAIS-R - Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale - Revised
WALA - Washington Association for Learning Alternatives
WALT - Writing Assessment Leadership Team
WAME - Washington Association of Marketing Educators
WAMOA - Washington Association of Maintenance and Operations Administers
WAPE - Washington Association of Partners in Education
WAPT - Washington Association for Pupil Transportation
WASL - Washington Assessment of Student Learning
WASA - Washington Association of School Administrators
WASBO - Washington Association of School Business Officials
WASSP - Washington Association of Secondary School Principals
WASSW - Washington Association of School Social Workers
WAVA - Washington Association of Vocational Administrators
WAVE - Washington Award of Vocational Education
WAVES - Washington Virtual Education System
WAVESNP - Washington Association of Vocational Education Special Needs Personnel
WCC - Whatcom Community College
WCCE - Washington Center for Community Education
WCEAP - Washington Council on High School College Relations
WCHSCR - Washington Council for Education Administration Programs
WCPCAN - Washington Council for the Prevention of Child Abuse
WCPM - Washington Certified Public Management Program
WEA - Washington Education Association
WEdNet - Washington Education Network
WEEA - Women’s Educational Equity Act
WERA - Washington Educational Research Association
WESAC - Washington Educational Staff Associates Council
WFIS - Washington Federation of Independent Schools
WHO - Washington Homeschool Organization
WIA - Workforce Investment Act
WIAA - Washington Interscholastic Activities Association
WIAT - Wechsler Individual Achievement Test
WIAT-II - Wechsler Individual Achievement Test - II
WIC - Women, Infants, and Children (program)
WINC - Women in Nontraditional Careers Curriculum
WISC-III - Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children - III
WISC-IV - Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children – Fourth Edition
WISE - Washington Initiative for Supported Employment
WISHA - Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act
WJ-III - Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities – III, Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Achievement - III
WJ-R - Woodcock-Johnson Psycho-Educational Battery - Revised
WJEA - Washington Journalism Education Association
WLMA - Washington Library Media Association
WLPT - Washington Language Proficiency Test
WMEA - Washington Music Educators Association
WOIS - Washington Occupational Information Service
WORD - Washington Organization for Reading Development
WOTA - Washington Occupational Therapy Association
WPC - Washington Pre-College (test)
WRC - Washington Reading Corps
WRI - Washington Research Institute
WRMT-R/NU - Woodcock Reading Mastery Test – Revised/Normative Update
WRO - Western Regional Office
WRRC - Western Regional Resource Center
WSAC - Washington State Arts Commission
WSACVA - Washington State Advisory Council for Vocational Accreditation
WSAME - Washington State Association for Multicultural Education
WSAS - Washington State Assessment System
WSASCD - Washington State Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
WSASP - Washington State Association of School Psychiatrists
WSASP - Washington State Association of School Psychologists
WSBEA - Washington State Business Education Association
WSCAVTI - Washington State Council of Area Vocational Technical Institutes
WSCEA - Washington State Community Education Association
WSCSS - Washington State Council for the Social Studies
WSCTE - Washington State Council of Teachers of English
WSD - Washington School for the Deaf
WSDS - Washington Sensory Disabilities Services
WSFSA - Washington School Food Service Association
WSHA - Washington Speech and Hearing Association
WSIPC - Washington School Information Processing Cooperative
WSIPP - Washington State Institute for Public Policy
WSLC - Washington State Labor Council
WSMC - Washington State Migrant Council
WSMC - Washington State Mathematics Council
WSNC - Washington State Nursing Association
WSPA - Washington School Personnel Association
WSPRA - Washington School Public Relations Association
WSSA - Washington State Speech Association
WSSB - Washington State School for the Blind
WSSDA - Washington State School Directors Association
WSSEC - Washington State Special Education Coalition
WSSVP - Washington State School Volunteer Program
WSU - Washington State University
WTSC - Washington Traffic Safety Commission
WUF - Word Use Fluency
WVA - Washington Vocational Association
WVC - Wenatchee Valley College
WWCC - Walla Walla Community College
WWU - Western Washington University
WWW - World Wide Web

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YVCC - Yakima Valley Community College



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