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Child Nutrition

Updates, Bulletins and Memos

Program information is sent to program sponsors throughout the year, in the form of email updates, and OSPI bulletins and memos. If you would like to receive program updates or need to update contact information contact the Administrative Support staff. United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) policies are shared through these correspondence.

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School Nutrition Programs

Program Supervisor
Wendy Barkley, 360-725-6220

Administrative Support
Valerie Boudas, 360-725-6203

Program Specialist
Debra Calhoun, 509-323-2751
Kari Lund, 425-776-2955
Pam Mahre, 509-575-2412
Chuck Ziara, 360-725-6222
Lisa Jekel, 360-725-4957
Katy Short, 360-952-3313
Katie Mettler, 425-917-7924


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