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Teacher Certification

Residency Certificate

Washington issues the Residency Teacher Certificate to most first-time and out-of-state applicants for a regular teaching certificate.

The candidate must have:

  • Earned a bachelor's or higher degree from any accredited college/university.
  • Completed any state's approved teacher preparation program. This would be either an approved program through an accredited college or university, or an approved alternative-route program. (Form 4020E Verification of Program completion and Character or Form 4020E-1 Verification of Alternative Certification Program Pathway Completion and Character)
    If you have not completed a state approved program, individuals may verify at least 3 years of K-12 teaching experience outside Washington (Form 4020F-1 Verification of Experience), and hold a regular certificate in another state.
  • Applicants must pass a basic skills test (WEST-B) within 12 months of receiving a temporary permit. See teacher assessments.
  • Applicants must pass an endorsement content knowledge test (WEST-E/NES) within 12 months of receiving a temporary permit. See teacher assessments.

The first certificate issued is the Residency Certificate (First Issue), which is valid until the holder is reported as employed by a Washington school district as a teacher with 1.5 FTE or more experience. This certificate must then be reissued with a three year expiration date.

In Washington there are 21 Washington colleges/universities with state-approved teacher preparation programs.

All supporting documents must be uploaded at the time of application or mailed to the certification office.

One or more of the following:

  • 4020E Verification of Program Completion and Character
  • 4020E-1 Verification of Alternative Certification Program/Pathway Completion and Character
  • 4020F-1 Verification of Experience and a copy of a regular out of state teaching certificate





Please note: The forms 4020E, 4020E-1, 4020F-1 must be submitted with your application or mailed with your official transcripts.

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   Updated 5/25/2016

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