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Professional Certificate
Professional certificates earned by holding the NBPTS certificate are
valid for at least five years, up to the expiration date of the NBPTS certificate


The Professional Certificate is the advanced level certificate.  It is normally awarded to holders of the Residency Certificate who complete the ProTeach Portfolio, but may sometimes be awarded to out-of-state applicants in lieu of the Residency.*

The candidate must have completed:

Issues of Abuse. The candidate must have taken coursework in issues of abuse, which must include information related to identification of physical, emotional, sexual, and substance abuse; the impact on learning and behavior; the responsibilities of a teacher to report abuse or to provide assistance to victimized children; and methods of teaching about abuse and its prevention.

Testing. Out-of-state applicants applying for the professional teacher certificate in lieu of the residency shall successfully complete all required testing.
* Teachers with valid National Board Certification or other equivalent second tier educator certifications from other states (approved by PESB) are exempt from certain testing requirements. Please see teacher assessments for details.

  • Out-of-state applicants must pass a basic skills test (WEST-B) within 12 months of receiving a temporary permit*. See teacher assessments.
  • Out-of-state applicants must pass an endorsement content knowledge test (WEST-E/NES) within 12 months of receiving a temporary permit*. See teacher assessments.

    *Note: First-time applicants for a Washington State teacher certificate must also provide documentation verifying they meet residency teacher certificate requirements.

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Verification of Issues of Abuse (Form 4020G)



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