Areas of Career and Technical Certification

The career and technical teaching certificate authorizes service as a teacher in the school district(s) or skills center(s) and shall be issued in a broad category* and/or in a specific subcategory** in one of the following pathways:

Agriculture and Science Pathway Diversified Occupations
Business and Marketing Pathway Health and Human Services Pathway
Work-Based Learning Technology and Industry Pathway

*Broad Categories
(Available through the college/university route)
Agriculture Education Marketing Education
Business Education Technology Education
Family and Consumer Sciences Education

**Subcategories (Specialty Areas)
(Available through the business and industry route)

Subcategories/specialty areas are listed below, grouped under the five broad endorsement areas.  Each subcategory/specialty area is listed by CIP (Classification of Instructional Programs) code, which consist of the letter "V" followed by a six-digit number.  Vocational teachers earning certificates through the business and industry route may only teach the specific subcategory indicated on the certificate.


AGRICULTURE  ( subcategories available for certification thru business/industry route)
V010101 Agribusiness V010603 Floriculture
V010201 Agricultural Mechanics V011001 Agriculture Food Science
V010300 Agricultural Production V030101 Natural Resources
V010303 Aquaculture V410301 Chemical Technology
V010601 Horticulture V510808 Veterinarian Assistant


BUSINESS  ( subcategories available for certification thru business/industry route)
V091001 Publishing V520404 Medical Administrative Services
V520100 Business Management V520703 Business Law
V520300 Accounting and Related Programs V520895 Banking Support Services
V520403 Legal Administrative Services V521206 Computer Applications and Related Programs
MARKETING ( subcategories available thru business/industry route)
V080102 Fashion Merchandising V081203 Auto Parts and Accessories Marketing
V080301 Entrepreneurship V090201 Advertising Services
V080706 General Sales Operations V520902 Lodging Management
V080907 Sports and Recreation Marketing V521401 Marketing Management
V081198 Tourism and Travel Services V510501 Real Estate


V600096 Work-Based Learning (Must also hold a CTE Teaching Certificate)


V600091 Diversified Occupations (Must also be certificated for Work-Based Learning)


HEALTH ( subcategories available thru business/industry route)
V510700 Health Infomatic Careers V510800 Health Therapeutic Careers
V510799 Health Support Services Careers V510900 Health Diagnostic Careers
HUMAN SERVICES ( subcategories available thru business/industry route)
V120403 Cosmetology V190707 Family and Community Services
V120505 Food Production and Services V190708 Early Childhood Education and Services
V160103 Translation and Interpretation V190901 Textiles and Apparel
V190403 Consumer Services V200206 Educational Para Pro
V190504 Food Science Dietetics and Nutrition V200212 Careers in Education
V190601 Housing, Interiors and Furnishings V200493 Culinary Arts
V190604 Facilities Management and Maintenance V310101 Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism
  V510205 Sign Language Interpreter


TRADE AND INDUSTRIAL ( subcategories available thru business/industry route)
V100100 Communications Technologies V470302 Heavy Equipment Mechanic
V141801 Material Engineering V470396 Processing Machinery Maintenance
V150100 Manufacturing Technology V470600 Automotive Technology
V430100 Criminal Protective Services V470603 Auto Body Repair
V430106 Forensic Technology V470608 Aircraft Technician
V430203 Fire Service V480101 Drafting
V460200 Construction Trades V480500 Precision Metal Worker
V460302 Electrician V490100 Aviation Occupations
V460401 Building Maintenance Technician V490300 Water Transportation/Worker
V470101 Electrical and Electronic Equipment Repair V500400 Commercial Design/Applied Art
V470110 Computer Technology V500502 Stage Design Technician
V470201 Refrigeration/Air-Conditioning/Heating