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Intentions of House Bill 1115

Paraeducators provide the majority of instruction in programs designed by the legislature to reduce the opportunity gap. By setting common statewide standards, requiring training in the standards, and offering career development for paraeducators, as well as training for teachers and principals who work with paraeducators, students in these programs have a better chance of succeeding.

Provided below is the most current information available regarding the minimum and upcoming certificate requirements for Washington State paraeducators. As time progresses and the Paraeducator Board works to create and revise standards more information will be available.

If this information applies to you, we request that you visit our site frequently for upcoming information.

Paraeducator Minimum Employment Requirements

Effective September 1, 2018, the minimum employment requirements for paraeducators are as provided below.(As written in HB 1115)

  1. At least eighteen years of age and hold a high school diploma or its equivalent, and
  2. a. Receive a passing grade on the education testing service paraeducator assessment; or
    b. Hold an associates of arts degree; or
    c. Have earned seventy-two quarter credits or forty- eight semester credits at an institution of higher learning; or
    d. Have completed a registered apprenticeship program. Apprenticeship Program | Apprenticeship Lookup

Upcoming Certificate Types

Standards and requirements for the paraeducator certificates are provided below. (As written in HB 1115)

  • General Paraeducator Certificate
  • Paraeducator Subject Matter Certificates
    • English Language Learner
    • Special Education
  • Advanced Paraeducator Certificate

For additional information please visit:

More information coming soon, as this page will be updated as the Paraeducator Board takes action during their meetings every other month.


   Updated 3/29/2018

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