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  • Where do I find lists of present and past clock hour providers?​
    Approved Clock Hour Provider Lists Present and Past

  • What is the definition of a Continuing Education Credit? (Clock Hour)
    • Clock hours are units of credit assigned to educators at a professional development/training event
    • Clock hours are accrued by Washington State educators toward continuing education requirements in the state of Washington
    • Clock Hour rules are available online at Chapter 181-85 WAC
    • Washington requires that the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) approve providers of continuing education for educators. Approval of agencies as providers of clock hours occurs annually. Please review the approved provider list.

  • How do clock hours work?
    • Clock hours are for educators in the State of Washington who want to earn continuing education. They can use them for salary advancement or to renew their teacher’s certificate. If you are in doubt as to what kind you have, you should contact your Certification Specialist at your ESD or talk to your School District’s Human Resources Department for information.

  • How will an individual know if they are taking a course that is approved by PESB?
    • Individuals should check with the agency or organization sponsoring the course or refer to the provider list on the website.
    • Only the agency offering the course knows whether it has gone through the internal process of having any particular workshop or course approved for clock hours
    • Any advertisements or literature should be clearly marked as a "Washington State Clock Hour Provider". Please double check.
    • Most out-of-state organizations have not been approved to offer state of Washington clock hours
    • Many organizations offer contact hours, continuing education units (CEUs), or similar credit. Individuals need to check carefully that they are being offered clock hours––not contact hours, CEUs, or similar credit. Contact hours, CEUs, etc., CANNOT be accepted as clock hours. Only state of Washington approved clock hours can be used toward certification renewal

  • Can an individual take accredited college/university credit to use toward renewal?
    • Yes
    • One quarter hour of college credit is the equivalent of 10 clock hours, and one semester hour of college credit is the equivalent of 15 clock hours

  • Can an individual take a combination of accredited college/university credit and clock hours to meet the renewal requirement?
    • Yes

  • Can an individual use clock hours or college credit, taken before issuance of the continuing or professional certificate, toward the certificate?
    • Continuing – No. Clock or credit hours must be earned within the five-year validity period of the certificate
    • Professional – No. Clock hours or credits must be earned within the issue date and expiration date of the certificate

  • Can an individual carry over excess hours from one renewal period to the next?
    • No

  • If an individual is issued more than one Continuing Certificate that requires renewal, do they need to complete 100 for each certificate? (Example teacher and administrator)
    • No
    • Any hours completed during that renewal period will maintain all continuing certificates regardless of issuance date on the second or third certificate

  • Do individuals who get certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (National Boards) need to complete 100 clock hours to maintain a continuing or professional certificate?
    • No
    • Continuing & Professional - Individuals who hold a valid certificate issued by the National Board may use that certificate in lieu of completion of the 100 clock hours needed for maintenance

  • Where are an individual's records kept?
    • Approved clock hours forms, grade slips, or transcripts are given to the individual by the clock hour provider after the course
    • Individuals are responsible for maintaining of their own records the course must be logged into the E-Cert record prior to certificate renewal
    • Courses must be added to the educator’s record prior to submitting certificate renewal

  • Can a course be approved for clock hours after it has been completed?
    • No
    • Courses must be approved prior to the start date by an approved provider
    • If you want to ensure you receive clock hours, please verify with the Professional Certification Office before you register for any course

  • How do individuals show they have completed the 100 clock hours needed for renewal?
    • The clock hours needed for renewal are added to the Professional Development (PD) section of the educator’s record. This can be done at any time prior to submitting the application for renewal
    • Professional Certification may audit the reports and request the individuals who are audited to submit their records
    • You don’t have to submit forms unless certification has lapsed

  • When should an individual apply after completing the 100 clock hours?
    • Continuing - As soon as they have met the requirement
    • Professional and Residency – within 12 months of certificate expiration, no earlier

  • What happens if an individual does not complete the clock hours or does not apply for renewal prior to expiration date?
    • The certificate lapses, and is no longer valid, additional steps will be required

  • How do individuals reinstate or renew an expired certificate?
    • Submit an application for reinstatement or renewal of an expired certificate, which includes presenting evidence of having completed the 100 clock hour requirement within the five years prior to the date of applying for reinstatement or renewal

  • Can clock hours approved for maintenance of continuing and Career and Technical Education certificates be used for credit on the salary schedule?
    • Yes
    • WAC 392-121-280 requires districts to document eligible credits on an official transcript or letter from the institution granting the credits or performing the in-service training
    • Districts will accept Form SPI 1125 “In-service Provider Verification” if providers sign Section IV

  • What is acceptable documentation for clock hours
    There are three acceptable forms of documentation:
    • Pre-Approved Agency/District In-Service Transcript Providers
    • OSPI in-service registration form
    • Payment voucher issued by North Central Educational Service District (ESD 171)


   Updated 7/24/2018

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