Documentation Information for Clock Hours
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Documentation Information for Clock Hours

The Professional Certification Office accepts as proper documentation of continuing education, either:

  • An in-service (clock hour) transcript issued by:
    an educational service district (ESD),
    University of Washington Educational Outreach office,
    University of Washington at Tacoma,
    Seattle Pacific University,
    Seattle Public Schools,
    Seattle University,
    Western Washington University Extended Education and Summer Programs,
    Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA no longer issues transcripts),
    Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession,
    Bellevue School District,
    North Thurston School District,
    Wenatchee School District,
    Federal Way Public Schools,
    Spokane Public Schools,
    Walla Walla Public Schools,
    Snoqualmie Valley School District,
    Sumner School District,
    Franklin Pierce School District,
    Renton School District,
    Issaquah School District,
    White River School District,
    Monroe School District,
    Everett Public Schools,
    Edmonds School District,
    Highline Public Schools,
    Kent School District #415,
    Northshore School District,
    Vancouver Public Schools,
    Riverview School District,
    Steilacoom Historical School District No. 1,
    Washington Education Association (WEA),
    Bellingham Public Schools

  • The OSPI in-service registration form approved by OSPI and issued by the clock hour provider. OSPI in-service registration forms include:
    Form SPI 1125* (Not available online)
    Form SPI 1126 (Professional Growth Team Consultation and Collaboration)
    Form SPI 1126-1 (ProTeach Online Assessment/ProCert Progam Professional Growth Team Member)
    Form SPI 1128 (supervisor/NBPTS clock hours – this form replaced with 1128-1 and 1128-2)
    Form SPI 1128-1 (Supervisor of Training)
    Form SPI 1128-2 (National Board Assessment/Certification)
    Form SPI 1128-3 (Professional Growth Plan Record of Continuing Education – system no longer available)
    Form SPI 1128-4 (First Peoples' Language, culture, or oral tribal)
    Form SPI 1128-5 (ProTeach Portfolio External Assessment)
    Form SPI 1128-8 (Annual Professional Growth Plan (PGP) Verification and PGP Equivalency)

  • A payment voucher issued by North Central Educational Service District (ESD 171).
    A WA State Clock Hour In-Service Certification Form from the Archdiocese of Seattle.

These are the only acceptable forms of documentation for approved clock hours. Even if an agency is on the approved clock hour provider list, the clock hours are not eligible unless there is acceptable documentation. A certificate of completion, letter, or certificate of achievement or professional development cannot be used to document approved clock hours, unless the individual holds an ESA certificate and a state health professions license that requires continuing education. (ESA and License information)


*The Form SPI 1125 is a four-part (Section I, II, III, IV) form with an affidavit signed by the participant. This form is given only to the approved clock hour provider for distribution and is not available via our website. The approved clock hour provider may remove the SPI logo and place their own logo on the top of the form. Providers are also able to add additional sections/requests for information to the form. However, changes in the overall look of the form should not be made to four sections of the form so that it may be recognized by participants and employers.


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