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Director Certificate


A career and technical education director certificate authorizes the service as a career and technical education supervisor, an assistant career and technical director, or a career and technical director in Washington school districts or skills centers. (WAC 181-77-071)

Beginning September 1, 2014 a candidate is eligible for the Initial CTE Director Administrative certificate if meeting one of the following:

  • Currently holds a valid Continuing or Professional Administrator certificate, or
  • Completion of three years of experience as a certificated CTE supervisor, CTE educational instructor, CTE Counselor or Occupational Information Specialist

Requirement for a CTE Initial Director certificate:

  • Hold a Continuing or Professional certificate or three years as a certified CTE teacher, CTE Counselor, or CTE Occupational Information Specialist
  • Complete a the state authorized CTE administrator internship or complete a state approved college program for CTE administration

Valid for 4 years.

CTE Initial Director Renewal:

  • Holds or has held a CTE Initial Director certificate.
  • Completion of 6 quarter credits or 60 Washington approved clock hours.
  • May be renewed one time with an additional 6 quarter credits or 60 Washington approved clock hours.

Valid for 3 years

CTE Continuing Director:

  • Completion of 150 WA approved Washington clock hours or 15 quarter credits since the issuance of the first Initial CTE Director certificate*
  • 2 years of CTE experience with an authorized employer (i.e.: School district or skills center in Washington)

Valid for five years

*Cannot use the 12 credits obtained from internship director program*
May use the 60 clock hours for Initial CTE renewal of CTE Clock hours plus two years of CTE Director Employment.

CTE Continuing Director renewal:

  • Verification of a 150 clock hours or 15 quarter credits since the most recent issuance of your CTE Continuing Director Administrator certificate.

Valid for 5 years

For those who currently hold a CTE Director certificate issued prior to 9/1/2014:

If you hold a 5 year CTE Director Certificate you have the option to renew the 5 Year CTE Director certificate under previous standards (6 quarter credits or 60 Washington approved clock hours). Upon issuance of the continuing CTE administrator certificate you are subject to the current requirements of 150 Washington clock hours.



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