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For Those Who Hold a Residency Administrator Certificate


If you hold a RESIDENCY ADMINISTRATOR'S CERTIFICATE in Washington, you have the following options:

Reissue an Undated Residency Administrator Certificate

If you have completed two years in the role specific to your certification then you need to apply to have the Residency certificate reissued with a 5-year expiration date. Here is the form to document this. Please note: Administrators serving in the role for any FTE within a year, counts as a year of service with the administrator certificate. Once the administrator completes two years of service, then he or she can apply for reissuance.

Renew a Residency Administrator Certificate

Five Year Renewal
Issues of Abuse - The issues of abuse course or course work must include information related to identification of physical, emotional, sexual, and substance abuse; the impact on learning and behavior; the responsibilities of an ESA to report abuse or to provide assistance to victimized children; and methods of teaching about abuse and its prevention. (This requirement does not need to be repeated if you previously completed an appropriate course or course work. It is required for the first five-year renewal, but if evidence of this requirement is not on file for subsequent renewals, you may be asked to provide additional information)

  • Completion of ten quarter credits (or semester equivalent) of college credit course work
  • completion of 100 clock hours since the certificate was issued, or
  • completion of four PGPs developed annually since the certificate was issued. The PGPs must document the formalized learning opportunities and professional development activities that relate to the six standards and career level benchmarks.

Educators may “mix and match” the above options as long as they equate to 100 clock hours.

NOTE: Applications for subsequent renewals shall not be submitted earlier than twelve months prior to the expiration date of the current renewal.

Three Year Renewal
This option is available to residency principals and program administrators whose certificate has an expiration date on or prior to June 30, 2019. This is a paper-only application; it will not be available in the ECert system.

Apply for a Substitute Administrator Certificate

If you hold a valid or lasped residency administrator certificate, you may apply for a Substitute Administrator's Certificate. The Substitute Certificate enables someone to substitute for any regular administrator for up to 180 consecutive school days. The Substitute Certificate requires the same level of preparation as a regular administrator certificate.

  • Must have earned a master's degree from an accredited college/university
  • Have completed a state-approved college/university administrator preparation program.
  • Hold or have held a regular Washington certificate in the role.


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