Professional Certification Residency Renewal
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Professional Certification Residency Renewal

The first issuance of your residency certificate is valid until the first time you complete two years of service in the role and have signed a contract for the third year. Once you complete two years, you will be reissued a residency certificate with a five-year expiration date on it. All certificates have a uniform expiration date of June 30.

Once you have the five year residency, the following renewal options are available:

2 Year Renewal (enrolled in ProCert)
You may renew your residency administrator certificate one time for two years if you are enrolled in a ProCert program. You must enroll in a program prior to the expiration date on your certificate. If you need this two year renewal complete the Institutional Application for an Administrator Certificate 4201 and submit with fees to your college/university ProCert program.

5 Year Renewal (ineligible for ProCert)
You may renew your residency administrator certificate once for five years if you are not eligible for enrollment in a Professional Certificate Program. You must complete 15 quarter hours (10 semester hours) of study since the issuance of the Residency Certificate. To apply for this renewal, submit the following: 93P or 93PA

Note: (Additional five-year renewals are possible, although the second five-year renewal requires completion of an additional internship.)




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