Professional Certification Maintenance and Renewal
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Professional Growth Plan FAQ
Professional Administrator Certificate Maintenance and Renewal

Do I need to address all six standards as part of my four 1-year PGPs?
No, all six standards do not have to be addressed. Renewal of the administrator professional certificate is a job-embedded, contextualized professional development and certification process. As such, administrators are expected to address standards based on their needs assessment.

I am leaving my position as a principal or program administrator. How do I renew my administrator certificate if I am no longer serving in the role?
If you have a professional certificate and are not employed in the role, you may have your professional certificate renewed for an additional five-year period by:

  • completion of fifteen quarter credits (ten semester credits) of college credit course work directly related to the current performance-based leadership standards from a accredited institution of higher education taken since the issuance of the professional certificate, or
  • completion of 150 clock hours since the certificate was issued which relate to the career level benchmarks
  • completion of four PGPs developed annually since the certificate was issued. The PGPs must document the formalized learning opportunities and professional development activities that relate to the six standards and career level benchmarks (see link above). Please note that all six standards do not need to be addressed in each PGP, only the standard(s) which are chosen based on the educator’s needs assessment.

I want to apply my focused evaluation growth activities toward my PGP for this year? How do I do that?
Complete Form 1697 PGP Template for Cert Renewal

  1. Insert the goals from your focused evaluation.
  2. Describe the rationale used to determine the goals.
  3. Align them with the career level standards for the appropriate certificate you are renewing.
  4. List the activities you will engage in and the evidence that will show progress toward the goals.
  5. After you have completed the activities, describe the evidence you collected and how it relates to the activities.
  6. Reflect on the learning as a result of the activities.
  7. Review the plan and results of activities with a Washington certificated educator (this may be the supervisor who oversaw your focused evaluation if agreeable to both parties).
  8. Have the Washington certificated educator sign the PGP Form 1697.
    • Understand: The intentional misrepresentation of a material fact in this form subjects the certificate holder to revocation of his/her certificate pursuant to chapter 180-85 WAC.
    • Keep the signed PGP, and related documents, in your records until one year after the expiration date of the applicable certificate.

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   Updated 8/9/2016

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