Helping Districts Maintain and Improve Their Civil Rights Compliance
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Methods of Administration (Civil Rights)

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(360) 725-6245

Helping Districts Maintain and Improve Their Civil Rights Compliance

If you have questions or comments regarding civil rights compliance and the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction’s review of career and technical education programs, please contact:

Deifi Stolz
Program Supervisor
Methods of Administration
P.O. Box 47200
Olympia, WA 98504-7200
P: (360) 725-6254
F: (360) 586-3921
TTY: (360) 664-3631

If you are seeking information about specific school-related discriminations issues, OSPI encourages you to first contact your local school district. School district personnel assigned to receive inquiries, complaints and provide information may include:

  • Title IX Compliance Officer
  • District Athletic Director
  • Equity Coordinator
  • Section 504/ADA Coordinator (issues related to disabilities)
  • Employment Affirmative Action Officer

Equity and Civil Rights Office
P.O. Box 47200
Olympia, WA 98504-7200
P: (360) 725-6162
F: (360) 664-2967
TTY: (360) 664-3631

Civil Rights Onsite Reviews

The United States Department of Education Office for Civil Rights requires the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, as the state agency responsible for administration of Career and Technical Education, to conduct a Civil Rights compliance program review. The intent is to identify, remedy and prevent discrimination in CTE programs operated by education agencies receiving federal financial assistance. School Districts are generally selected for on-site review according to CTE enrollment data, school demographics and location, as well as the established review cycle, requests for technical assistance, or procedural information.

The purpose of onsite reviews is to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the selected districts’ CTE programs, as well as all facilities housing CTE programs or used by CTE-enrolled students to ensure compliance with the following Federal Civil Rights authorities and regulations. Federal law requires that all school districts receiving funding support from the U.S. Education Department, and providing CTE programs shall comply with:

The onsite procedure will include:

  • An entrance interview with the director of career and technical education and any staff the superintendent may choose.
  • Onsite interviews with CTE instructors, school district staff, counselors, students and other individuals as appropriate.
  • Review and assessment of facilities.
  • An exit meeting, including discussion of findings, analysis of documents and next steps.

In preparation for an onsite visit, please carefully review the information regarding Preparation for Civil Rights Onsite Review and the OSPI Methods of Administration Onsite Review Checklist, which can be found below. These materials provide a self-assessment process that will enable your school district to prepare for the onsite review, to understand Civil Rights compliance obligations, and to improve CTE programs for all students. These and other resources are listed below:


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   Updated 8/28/2017

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