Measurements of Student Progress (Grades 3-8)
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State Testing

Measurements of Student Progress (Grades 3-8)

The Measurements of Student Progress (MSP) is the state’s exam for students in grades 3-8. State testing should never be the sole judge of a student’s academic skills and knowledge. A student’s entire performance should always be considered. 

Testing is one subject per day, with the writing test occurring on two days. Students are tested in reading (grades 3-8), mathematics (grades 3-8) writing (grades 4 and 7) and science (grades 5 and 8).

The MSP is available in paper/pencil format or online. Schools and districts have the choice to pick their testing days within the testing windows. The 2013 MSP testing windows are:

  • Apr 24–May 16: MSP paper/pencil testing window
  • Apr 24–May 31: MSP online testing window

State Test Questions and Practice/Sample Tests

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State Testing

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