NAEP Participation
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National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)

NAEP Participation

2016 NAEP Instructions for the School Coordinator

2016 MyNAEP Troubleshooting Guide

2016 NAEP List of Selected Districts | Map (by County)

Information for School Coordinators (PPT)

Information About NAEP for You

Additional Information for Selected Schools

Has your child or school been selected to participate in NAEP? Information for you about the assessments in your school is listed below:

Below-State NAEP Participation

What's New

June 23, 2017
OSPI notified the principals of schools selected to participate in 2018 NAEP, ICILS, or TIMSS.

June 16, 2017
OSPI notified superintendents of districts selected to participate in 2018 NAEP, ICILS, or TIMSS.​​

Contact Information:
Tony Wilson
NAEP State Coordinator

   Updated 1/6/2016

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