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Graduation Alternatives

Locally Administered Assessments and Locally Determined Courses

Legislation in 2017 (ESHB 2224, subsection 10, now RCW 28A.655.061) created an additional alternative for fulfilling assessment graduation requirements: locally administered assessments that are tied to locally determined courses.

Districts have the option of adding this alternative to those already in law to provide more ways for students who have not earned a Certificate of Academic Achievement (CAA) or Certificate of Individual Achievement (CIA) to meet the state’s assessment graduation requirements.

For school year 2018–19, there will be two option for approved Locally Administered Assessments (LAA) tied to Locally Determined Courses (LDC):

  • Passage of an English language arts (ELA) or mathematics Bridge to College course
  • Collections of Evidence - Local (COE Local) Assessment

LAA Webpage -- in Development

This webpage in in the development process. Topics on the LAA and LDC will include:

LAA/LDC review and approval process

Approved LAAs


LAA/LDC Program Points of Contact

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