Graduation Alternatives - Basic (Level 2) on General Assessment/COE
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Graduation Alternatives

CIA cut-score (formerly known as Basic/L2)

The CIA cut score (formerly known as the Basic or Level 2 score) is an assessment option for a student receiving special education services, as indicated in his/her IEP. The CIA cut score alternative allows the student to fulfill the state’s assessment graduation requirement by applying a score at or above the established CIA requirement cut score for accountability assessment or other approved state assessment.

The student’s IEP team must determine that the student should take the accountability assessment or other approved state assessment, with or without accommodations, with a cut score for meeting standard set at the CIA Cut Score level. Please see IEP Team Guidance for Selecting the Appropriate Assessment to Earn a Certificate of Individual Achievement (CIA) for more information.

The CIA Cut Score cannot be used for meeting standard, as recorded in state and federal accountability reporting; it is solely applicable to fulfilling a student’s graduation requirement. However, students who have used the CIA cut score option for federal accountability assessment administrations (Math and ELA Smarter Balanced assessment in spring of 10th grade) count as having participated in these exams on-grade level.

Retro-Basic: There are some instances where an IEP team decides that the CIA cut score is the most appropriate method for a student to fulfill his or her assessment graduation requirement after a student has taken a accountability assessment or other approved state assessment. If this occurs, District Coordinators can change the assessment type to Basic (L2) for a past test administration in the CAA/CIA database by following these Retro-Basic Instructions.

Eligibility for this Assessment Graduation Alternative

To be eligible for this assessment graduation alternative, the student must:

  • Be receiving special education services during the time of administration, as indicated in CEDARS

How to submit this Assessment Graduation Alternative

This assessment graduation alternative is not submitted through the Graduation Alternatives Application.

To indicate a CIA cut score for state assessments, schools must communicate to the state that a student will meet their graduation requirement with a cut score set at the CIA cut score level by indicating “basic” in the student’s profile in TIDE.


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   Updated 3/5/2018

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