Graduation Alternatives Application
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Graduation Alternatives

Graduation Alternatives Application

With passage of HB 1599 (the “Pathways Bill”) information on this page applies only to students in the class of 2019 or earlier. More information for students in the class of 2020 and beyond will be made available in spring/summer 2019. View the resource page related to HB 1599 and legislative information on the bill.

This webpage serves as a repository for resources and information relating to the continued development and functionality of the Graduation Alternatives application.

The Graduation Alternatives Application (accessed through EDS) is a web-based platform, created to replace the paper submission process. It was developed for school and district personnel to submit and grant approval for the following Assessment Graduation Alternatives and waivers:

Application Supports and Resources

The following supports are intended to assist users with navigating the Graduation Alternatives application:

Graduation Alternatives Users’ Guide (updated January 25, 2017)

2016-2017 Updates to the Graduation Alternatives Application

Grades Comparison Form – Directions for Use

NEW! Expedited Assessment Appeal Tool – Directions for Use

Out of State (OOS) Tests:

  • A list of the OSPI-approved out of state tests, and their minimum required scores, is available within the Graduation Alternatives Application. It is labeled “OOS Test List” and located on the application’s top menu bar.
  • If you have evidence that indicates an Out of State Assessment that is not approved within the Graduation Alternatives Application meets a similar standard of content and rigor to Washington State’s graduation exams, please follow the instructions outlined in the OOS Assessment Review Request Process.

Software Bugs and Fixes: Updates and Reporting Process

OSPI Auditing Process

The Graduation Alternatives Application allows automatic approval at the district level, and relies on the individuals approving a form following policy for each submission. Specifically, this requires each approver to verify the accuracy of inputted information by ensuring it matches the documentation uploaded for each form. An audit process ensures that the documentation submitted clearly reflects the data entered in to the application by the user.

If a district fails to uphold policy when engaging in the approval process and allows forms to be submitted which are not valid, the district may have its automatic approval revoked. For more information on the Audit process for Graduation Alternatives Application submissions, please see Section V of the Graduation Alternatives Users’ Guide.

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For all other questions dealing with student scenarios that are not captured through the application’s processes (as outlined in the application’s users guide and 2016-17 updates documents) please notify your District Assessment Coordinator before reaching out to the Graduation Alternatives office at or 360-725-6393.


   Updated 5/7/2019

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