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Assessment Overview

Statewide testing helps ensure all public school students, no matter where they go to school, receive a quality education.

Washington students take state tests to assess their progress as they move through school.

OSPI develops or selects and administers all state assessments. We also report achievement data for students, schools, districts, and the state.

These data help districts and schools decide which teaching practices and curricula best support student understanding of the Washington State Learning Standards.

They give families valuable information about how well their child is doing and where more help might be needed.

Some school districts use state test results to determine a student's eligibility for special programs, like accelerated learning opportunities. Please contact your local district for more information.

In high school, students must pass specific exit exams, or state-approved alternatives, to be eligible to graduate. If they score a 3 or 4 on our state's Smarter Balanced tests, they may be able to avoid further placement testing and costly remedial courses upon acceptance into college, university, or community and technical college. Read more about this option.

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act requires states to have their assessment programs approved for technical quality by the U.S. Department of Education. Washington's assessment program has received a "Fully Approved" rating through this process.

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