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Writing Assessment
High School Four-Week Course

How to use the modules
The modules consist of PowerPoint presentations and Document Folders containing MS Word files to supplement those presentations.

The PowerPoint presentations contain slides (written for the student) with notes below for the teacher. To view both, go to “view notes.” These can also be printed as notes pages by designating “print notes” on the print set up page. It should be noted that bold and italic notes do not show up as such on the screen; they must be printed to register. For instance, in the annotations, there are italicized pieces from the text to support each annotation. However, you will not see the italics (nor bold, underlining, or varied bullets) on screen, only when printed.

The intent is to project the PowerPoint slides for the students. The PowerPoint will reference documents in the Document Folder in the teacher notes as they are needed. Most frequently, these are documents that need to be reproduced so that the students have paper copies in their folders or in hand for the lesson.

System requirements: Zip, PPT, Word

High School Four-Week Course

This four-week course (based on a two-hour class period and 20 instructional days) contains instructional materials to support the Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRs) and the Grade Level Expectations (GLEs). The students are learning to use the process (EALR 1) and are looking at two purposes (explain and persuade), several audiences, and forms (EALR 2). They are also working to evaluate their own and others’ writing (EALR 4). However, the focus of this course is on EALR 3—writing clearly and effectively. This focus was chosen after analyzing papers of students considered Level 2. Specifically, they needed to work on choosing and narrowing a topic, organizing their ideas, elaborating their ideas, and writing introductions and conclusions.

This course provides all four weeks of lessons in four PowerPoint presentations with four corresponding Word document folders.

Week 1: Download All Files (ZIP)

Week 2: Download All Files (ZIP)

Week 3: Download All Files (ZIP)

Week 4: Download All Files (ZIP)



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