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Writing Assessment
Elementary Elaboration Module Version 2

How to use the modules
The modules consist of PowerPoint presentations and Document Folders containing MS Word files to supplement those presentations.

The PowerPoint presentations contain slides (written for the student) with notes below for the teacher. To view both, go to “view notes.” These can also be printed as notes pages by designating “print notes” on the print set up page. It should be noted that bold and italic notes do not show up as such on the screen; they must be printed to register. For instance, in the annotations, there are italicized pieces from the text to support each annotation. However, you will not see the italics (nor bold, underlining, or varied bullets) on screen, only when printed.

The intent is to project the PowerPoint slides for the students. The PowerPoint will reference documents in the Document Folder in the teacher notes as they are needed. Most frequently, these are documents that need to be reproduced so that the students have paper copies in their folders or in hand for the lesson.

System requirements: Zip, PPT, Word

Elementary Elaboration Module Version 2

This module is designed to be used throughout the school year in classrooms for grades 3-5 and is based on the Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRs) for writing (EALR 3. The student writes clearly and effectively) and on the Grade Level Expectations (GLEs) for writing (GLE 3.1.1 Selects specific details relevant to the topic to extend ideas or develop elaboration) and includes clear connections to reading, math, and science EALRs and GLEs.

Step 1: Download All Files (ZIP).

Step 2: Open the Module PowerPoint Presentation.



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