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NOTE: Training dates are subject to change. Please check back often for updated training dates in your region.

Please contact your ESD directly with questions about dates.

WaKIDS 101 Training Schedule

WaKIDS 101 Training offers teachers who are new to WaKIDS an introduction to all three components of WaKIDS, including its purpose, structure, and possibility. Participants will gain a better understanding of how observation is foundational to effective instruction and learn practical strategies for collecting, using, and sharing evidence. By the end of the training, teachers will have the basic skills to begin implementing all components of WaKIDS, including using the online assessment platform MyTeachingStrategiesâ„¢. With the completion of interrater reliability certification, teachers will leave feeling confident and ready for fall.

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Aug 27Late HiresPSESD 121 RegisterMary Waldron
Sept 04Late HiresPSESD 121 RegisterMary Waldron
Sept 06Late HiresPESD 123 RegisterJennifer Kelly
Sept 13Late HiresESD 189RegisterSarah Southard
Sept 14Late HiresPSESD 121 RegisterMary Waldron
Sept 13-14Late HiresESD 113 RegisterDianna Avery
Sept 14-15Late HiresESD 114 RegisterKim Crummy
Sept 15-16Late HiresESD 112Contact ESD 112Kelly Mcpherson
Sept 17Late HiresPSESD 121 RegisterMary Waldron
Sept 18-19Late HiresESD 101 RegisterRachel Eifler
Sept 18-19Late HiresESD 105 RegisterDiane Strock
Sept 21Late HiresPSESD 121 RegisterMary Waldron
Sept 24Late HiresESD 171RegisterJennifer Kelly

WaKIDS 101 Training Evaluation Survey



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