Private Schools Participation Guidelines
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TitleII Part A

Private Schools Participation Guidelines

Public school district staff are required to conduct timely and meaningful consultation with private school staff to determine the educational needs of private school students. The information gathered provides direction for the services that are then provided to the private school students and the teaching staff. Through the consultation process, school districts build positive relationships with their private schools, increase communication, and minimize problems that may arise.

School districts will find a formula on iGrants which calculates the amount of funding needed to reserve for “equitable services” for private school professional development activities.

Complaint Process
We encourage private school officials and school districts to work together to try to resolve disagreements that affect the services provided. When private school officials and districts are not able to resolve differences through direct communication, there is a formal process available (NCLB, Section 9501).

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Information about participation guidelines and resources are updated annually.
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