Title I and Learning Assistance Program
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Title I

Guidelines on Comparability Requirements


When the district has more than one building per grade span and at least one of those buildings receives Title I, Part A funds, additional reporting by grade span is required. There are several ways the district may meet the comparability requirement. Under the statute, the district is considered to have met the comparability requirement if the district files a written assurance that it has established documentation that it has implemented a:

  • District wide salary schedule.
  • Policy ensuring equivalence among schools in teachers, administrators, and auxiliary personnel.
  • Policy ensuring equivalence among schools in the provision of curriculum materials and instructional supplies.
  • Completed worksheet showing an appropriate student/staff ratio between each Title I and non-Title I project school.

OSPI is responsible for determining district compliance and establishing the method(s) districts may use. OSPI has determined comparability may be demonstrated either as student/instructional staff ratios or student/instructional staff salary ratios. A separate form should be completed for each grade span for which comparability is required. A Grade Span Page in iGrant Program 361 should be used for each grade span in which there are at least two buildings and at least one of them received Title I, Part A funds.

Exemptions from the Comparability Requirement

  • Districts with a single school attendance area.
  • Districts with only one building per grade span.
  • Schools with 100 or fewer students.

In general, comparability is computed on the basis of average full-time equivalent (FTE) student/instructional staff ratio between and/or among buildings. The ratio of salary expenditures per student is to be calculated only if comparability cannot be demonstrated using student to instructional staff ratio.

Instructional staff may include only those non-federally funded FTEs in Activity 27 or may include staff in Activities 22, 24, 25, and 27 at the district’s discretion. The method of reporting certificated as well as classified staff included in the computation must be consistent among and between buildings.

Staff FTEs and student headcount or salary expenditure data (if applied) must be collected within the same month, but not necessarily on the same day.

A ten percent variance between and/or among schools is allowed within the definition of equivalence.

Comparability Bulletin (B052-09)

Non-Regulatory Fiscal Guidance

Comparability Presentation (PDF)


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