Supplemental Education Services (SES)
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Title I

Supplemental Education Services (SES)

In step 2 of a school improvement program, the district must offer opportunities for additional instruction -- supplemental educational services -- designed to increase academic achievement. SES are unique to schools that operate a Title I, Part A program, and available to students whose families qualify as low income and who rank as lowest-achieving.

The law directs OSPI to identify a list of qualified SES providers able to offer remediation in reading, language arts and mathematics, and instruction able to improve the language proficiency English language learners (ELL). Parents/guardians select the service they feel is right for their child.

Supplemental education services are just that -- an extra layer of teaching and learning support that complements and augments the instruction and curricular resources already present in the classroom. SES could include tutoring through which remediation and other academic support services” supplemental to the core programming schools and districts fund through the state's basic education allocation.


The Basics

SES Contract Templates and Student Achievement Goal Plan (SAGP)  
Once parents select an SES provider, the district develops a contract with the provider.

Waiver Request, Notification Letters & Parent Guides, Steps of Improvement
District as SES Provider Approval of Waiver Request

Title I, Part A

Adequate Yearly Progress

Public School Choice

Supplemental Educational Services

Accountability Applications, Plans & Reports

Laws, Regulations & Guidance

Webinar — Return to AYP, school/district improvement and more

Loss of the Flexibility Waiver — Media Release

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