School role in Family Involvement
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Title I, Part A

Family Involvement   >   School Role

School role in Family Involvement

Schools have a responsibility to promote and strengthen parental involvement within their Title I, Part A programs. There are clear requirements that obligate staff to plan and implement family involvement activities with the ongoing and meaningful consultation of the families whose children benefit from Title I, Part A services.

High Quality Resources that Support Parent Involvement
Our library of downloadable publications and links to organizations that support the family connection to K-12 education will help parents, and district and school staff to strengthen the school improvement process and make the most of the academic support and services that Title I, Part A programs can provide.

 Parent Involvement
1Communication & Notification
2Policy Development
3School-Parent Compact
4Annual Meeting
6Build Capacity
9Allowable Costs

What Is Family/Parent Involvement?
Title I, Part A defines parent involvement as the ...participation of parents in regular, two-way and meaningful communications with school staff that involves the student, addresses learning and engages the family in school activities.

Why Does Family/Parent Involvement Matter?
Research tells us that students with involved parents, are more likely to:

  • Earn high grades and test scores,
  • Take more challenging classes,
  • Have better attendance,
  • Graduate, AND
  • Go on to community/technical college or university.

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