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Sue Anderson, Program Director


The Teacher/Principal Evaluation Program

State Evaluation Criteria, Frameworks, and Rubrics

Washington has developed eight evaluator criteria for teachers and principals. The three approved teacher instructional frameworks and approved principal leadership frameworks encompass these evaluation criteria. They are reflected in all activities that are a part of the evaluation process. The state evaluation criteria and the accompanying frameworks provide the foundation for maximizing educator growth and development.


State Teacher and Principal Evaluation Criteria
Often referred to as the “State 8,” legislation clearly describes the eight evaluation criteria for both teachers and principals.

Teacher Evaluation Criteria and Descriptors
WAC 392-191A-060 Minimum evaluation criteria – Certificated classroom teachers

Principal Evaluation Criteria and Descriptors
WAC 392-191-A-150 Minimum evaluation criteria – Certificated principals and assistant principals.

Instructional and Leadership Frameworks
An instructional or leadership framework is a common language and vision of what quality teaching and leading looks like. It is shared by everyone in the district and aligns to the eight state criteria created by E2SSB 6696.

Instructional Frameworks
OSPI adopted three instructional frameworks.

Leadership Framework
OSPI adopted two leadership frameworks.


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