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Sue Anderson, Program Director


The Teacher/Principal Evaluation Program

For Principals / Assistant Principals: Required Instructional Framework Training

Required training for new principals, assistant principals, and those who have changed frameworks:

  • Stage I: 2 days
  • Stage II: 4 days

Required training for all principal evaluators
AWSP Leadership Framework (2 days)

All principals, assistant principals, and principal evaluators should also participate in professional learning:

  • Rater Agreement
  • Learning-focused Supervision
  • Equity

Framework Trainings



TPEP News to Know

Framework Trainings Update
Due to recent important revisions in the Stage I and II trainings in all three instructional frameworks, new-to-framework principals and assistant principals who have previously been trained in one instructional framework will now (beginning July 1, 2018) be required to participate in Stage I and all four days of Stage II in their new framework.


   Updated 6/12/2018

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