School Employee Evaluation Survey FAQ
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General Questions

Sue Anderson, Program Director


The Teacher/Principal Evaluation Program

School Employee Evaluation Survey Help

The survey must be completed by November 17, 2016. Thank you.


Who should fill out the survey?
OSPI’s recommendation is to start the discussion with district Human Resource personnel and district-level administrators responsible for principal evaluations to determine who should be responsible for submitting the survey. A screenshot of the survey may be printed out here to aid in this discussion and information-gathering process.

Why is OSPI requiring districts to submit this survey?
The survey is mandated by federal reporting requirements and state law. For more background, see Bulletin 041-14. RCW 28A.150.230 states:
(2) In conformance with the provisions of Title 28A RCW, as now or hereafter amended, it shall be the responsibility of each common school district board of directors to adopt policies to:
(a) Establish performance criteria and an evaluation process for its superintendent, classified staff, certificated personnel, including administrative staff, and for all programs constituting a part of such district’s curriculum. Each district shall report annually to the superintendent of public instruction the following for each employee group listed in this subsection (2)(a): (i) Evaluation criteria and rubrics; (ii) a description of each rating; and (iii) the number of staff in each rating;

How can I access the survey?
The title is called "School Employee Evaluation Survey." It's an EDS application and will show up in your list of applications only after your district's data security manager grants access.

How should we report scores for teachers who work at multiple locations?
For teachers who might work in more than one school, please count them only for the school their evaluator is located in.

Should I group assistant principals and principals together for the count in the Evaluation Results section?
Yes, please input all certificated principals together, whether they are assistant principals or principals.

If an individual is both the superintendent and a principal, how should I input the count in the Evaluation Results section?
Record the count in the superintendent category and put 0 in the principal category for this individual.

Where do I put SLPs, psychologists, nurses, etc?
Please put all certificated staff who are not classroom teachers or principals into the last staff category.

Do I put in evaluation numbers for just classroom-based classified staff or does that include maintenance, office staff, custodial, etc?
Please enter district totals for all of the classified staff that were evaluated, whether classroom-based or not.

Need more help?

  • If you encounter any technical issues during this process, please contact OSPI Customer Support at or 1.800.725.4311.
  • If you need to make a correction to your survey and it is locked, please contact Molly Becker at
  • If you have clarifying questions regarding the content of the survey, please contact Molly Becker at

This help section will be updated as more FAQs come in.


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