Development and Implementation
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General Questions

Sue Anderson, Program Director


The Teacher/Principal Evaluation Program

Development and Implementation

State vs Local Decision Matrix
Steering Committee


TPEP Core Principles

  • Quality teaching and leading is critically important.
  • Professional learning is a key component of an effective evaluation system.
  • Teaching and leading is work done by a core team of professionals.
  • Evaluation systems should reflect and address the career continuum.
  • An evaluation system should consider and balance “inputs or acts” with “outputs or results.”
  • Teacher and principal evaluation models should coexist within the complex relationship between district systems and negotiations.

District Framework Selections

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101Benge School DistrictMARMARPR
105Damman School DistrictDANAWSP
112Glenwood School DistrictDANAWSP
112Green Mountain School DistrictMARAWSP
101Harrington School DistrictMAR -----
101Keller School DistrictMARAWSP
112Klickitat School DistrictCELAWSP
105Mount Adams School DistrictCELAWSP
112Mount Pleasant School DistrictCELAWSP
101Orchard Prairie School DistrictMARAWSP
114Queets-Clearwater School DistrictMARMARPR
112Roosevelt School DistrictDANAWSP
113Satsop School DistrictCELAWSP
101Selkirk School DistrictMARAWSP
189Shaw Island School DistrictCELAWSP
112Skamania School DistrictCELAWSP
121Skykomish School DistrictCELAWSP
123Star School DistrictDANAWSP
101Summit Valley School DistrictMARAWSP
112Trout Lake School DistrictDANAWSP
113Aberdeen School DistrictDANAWSP
113Adna School DistrictCELAWSP
101Almira School DistrictDANAWSP
189Anacortes School DistrictCELAWSP
189Arlington School DistrictDANAWSP
123Asotin-Anatone School DistrictCELAWSP
121Auburn School DistrictCELAWSP
121Bainbridge Island School DistrictDANAWSP
112Battle Ground School DistrictDANAWSP
121Bellevue School DistrictDANAWSP
189Bellingham School DistrictCELAWSP
121Bethel School DistrictDANAWSP
105Bickleton School DistrictCELAWSP
189Blaine School DistrictMARAWSP
113Boistfort School DistrictCELAWSP
114Bremerton School DistrictCELAWSP
171Bridgeport School DistrictCELAWSP
114Brinnon School DistrictCELAWSP
189Burlington-Edison School DistrictDANAWSP
112Camas School DistrictMARAWSP
114Cape Flattery School DistrictCELAWSP
121Carbonado School DistrictMARAWSP
171Cascade School DistrictMARAWSP
171Cashmere School DistrictCELAWSP
112Castle Rock School DistrictCELAWSP
114Central Kitsap School DistrictCELAWSP
101Central Valley School DistrictCELAWSP
113Centralia School DistrictCELAWSP
113Chehalis School DistrictCELAWSP
101Cheney School DistrictMARAWSP
101Chewelah School DistrictMARAWSP
114Chimacum School DistrictCELAWSP
123Clarkston School DistrictCELAWSP
105Cle Elum-Roslyn School DistrictCELAWSP
121Clover Park School DistrictDANAWSP
101Colfax School DistrictMARAWSP
123College Place School DistrictDANAWSP
101Colton School DistrictMARAWSP
101Columbia (Stevens) School DistrictCELAWSP
123Columbia (Walla Walla) School DistrictDANAWSP
101Colville School DistrictCELAWSP
189Concrete School DistrictCELAWSP
189Conway School DistrictMARAWSP
113Cosmopolis School DistrictDANAWSP
171Coulee-Hartline School DistrictDANAWSP
189Coupeville School DistrictMARAWSP
101Creston School DistrictMARAWSP
101Curlew School DistrictMARAWSP
101Cusick School DistrictMARAWSP
189Darrington School DistrictCELAWSP
101Davenport School DistrictMARAWSP
123Dayton School DistrictDANAWSP
101Deer Park School DistrictDANAWSP
121Dieringer School DistrictDANAWSP
123Dixie School DistrictDANAWSP
101East Valley School District (Spokane)DANAWSP
105East Valley School District (Yakima)DANAWSP
171Eastmont School DistrictCELAWSP
105Easton School DistrictDANAWSP
121Eatonville School DistrictCELAWSP
189Edmonds School DistrictDANAWSP
105Ellensburg School DistrictDANAWSP
113Elma School DistrictCELAWSP
101Endicott School DistrictMARAWSP
171Entiat School DistrictMARAWSP
121Enumclaw School DistrictCELAWSP
171Ephrata School DistrictMARAWSP
189Everett School DistrictDANAWSP
112Evergreen School District (Clark)DANAWSP
101Evergreen School District (Stevens)MARAWSP
121Federal Way School DistrictCELAWSP
189Ferndale School DistrictCELAWSP
121Fife School DistrictCELAWSP
123Finley School DistrictDANAWSP
121Franklin Pierce School DistrictDANAWSP
101Freeman School DistrictMARAWSP
101Garfield School DistrictMARAWSP
105Goldendale School DistrictDANAWSP
171Grand Coulee Dam School DistrictMARAWSP
105Grandview School DistrictDANAWSP
105Granger School DistrictCELAWSP
189Granite Falls School DistrictCELAWSP
113Grapeview School DistrictDANAWSP
101Great Northern School DistrictMARAWSP
113Griffin School DistrictDANAWSP
105Highland School DistrictCELAWSP
121Highline School DistrictDANAWSP
112Hockinson School DistrictDANAWSP
113Hood Canal School DistrictMARAWSP
113Hoquiam School DistrictDANAWSP
101Inchelium School DistrictMARAWSP
189Index School DistrictDANAWSP
121Issaquah School DistrictDANAWSP
123Kahlotus School DistrictDANAWSP
112Kalama School DistrictCELAWSP
112Kelso School DistrictCELAWSP
123Kennewick School DistrictDANAWSP
121Kent School DistrictCELAWSP
101Kettle Falls School DistrictCELAWSP
123Kiona-Benton City School DistrictDANAWSP
105Kittitas School DistrictDANAWSP
112La Center School DistrictDANAWSP
189La Conner School DistrictCELAWSP
101LaCrosse School DistrictMARAWSP
171Lake Chelan School DistrictCELAWSP
113Lake Quinault School DistrictMARAWSP
189Lake Stevens School DistrictDANAWSP
121Lake Washington School DistrictDANAWSP
189Lakewood School DistrictCELAWSP
101Lamont School DistrictMARAWSP
101Liberty School DistrictDANAWSP
101Lind School DistrictMARAWSP
112Longview School DistrictCELAWSP
101Loon Lake School DistrictDANAWSP
189Lopez School DistrictMARAWSP
112Lyle School DistrictCELAWSP
189Lynden School DistrictCELAWSP
105Mabton School DistrictDANAWSP
171Mansfield School DistrictMARAWSP
171Manson School DistrictMARAWSP
113Mary M Knight School DistrictMARAWSP
101Mary Walker School DistrictMARAWSP
189Marysville School DistrictCELAWSP
113McCleary School DistrictDANAWSP
101Mead School DistrictMARAWSP
101Medical Lake School DistrictDANAWSP
189Meridian School DistrictCELAWSP
171Methow Valley School DistrictCELAWSP
112Mill A School DistrictCELAWSP
189Monroe School DistrictDANAWSP
113Montesano School DistrictCELAWSP
113Morton School DistrictDANAWSP
171Moses Lake School DistrictDANAWSP
113Mossyrock School DistrictDANAWSP
189Mount Vernon School DistrictMARAWSP
189Mukilteo School DistrictCELAWSP
105Naches Valley School DistrictCELAWSP
113Napavine School DistrictMARAWSP
112Naselle-Grays River Valley School DistrictCELAWSP
101Newport School DistrictDANAWSP
101Nine Mile Falls School DistrictMARAWSP
189Nooksack Valley School DistrictCELAWSP
113North Beach School DistrictDANAWSP
123North Franklin School DistrictCELAWSP
114North Kitsap School DistrictMARAWSP
114North Mason School DistrictDANAWSP
113North River School DistrictDANAWSP
113North Thurston Public SchoolsDANAWSP
101Northport School DistrictMARAWSP
121Northshore School DistrictDANAWSP
189Oak Harbor School DistrictCELAWSP
101Oakesdale School DistrictMARAWSP
112Ocean Beach School DistrictCELAWSP
113Ocosta School DistrictMARAWSP
101Odessa School DistrictDANAWSP
171Okanogan School DistrictDANAWSP
113Olympia School DistrictDANAWSP
171Omak School DistrictMAR AWSP
113Onalaska School DistrictCELAWSP
101Onion Creek School DistrictDANAWSP
189Orcas Island School DistrictCELAWSP
171Orondo School DistrictCELAWSP
171Oroville School DistrictMARAWSP
121Orting School DistrictCELAWSP
123Othello School DistrictDANAWSP
171Palisades School DistrictMARAWSP
101Palouse School DistrictMARAWSP
123Pasco School DistrictDANAWSP
171Pateros School DistrictMAR AWSP
123Paterson School DistrictDANAWSP
113Pe Ell School DistrictCELAWSP
121Peninsula School DistrictDANAWSP
113Pioneer School DistrictDANAWSP
123Pomeroy School DistrictCELAWSP
114Port Angeles School DistrictDANAWSP
114Port Townsend School DistrictCELAWSP
123Prescott School DistrictDANAWSP
123Prosser School DistrictCELAWSP
101Pullman School DistrictDANAWSP
121Puyallup School DistrictDANAWSP
114Quilcene School DistrictCELAWSP
114Quillayute Valley School DistrictCELAWSP
171Quincy School DistrictMARAWSP
113Rainier School DistrictCELAWSP
113Raymond School DistrictMARAWSP
101Reardan-Edwall School DistrictDANAWSP
121Renton School DistrictDANAWSP
101Republic School DistrictMARAWSP
123Richland School DistrictCELAWSP
112Ridgefield School DistrictDANAWSP
101Ritzville School DistrictMARAWSP
121Riverview School DistrictDANAWSP
113Rochester School DistrictMARAWSP
101Rosalia School DistrictMARAWSP
105Royal School DistrictCELAWSP
189San Juan Island School DistrictCELAWSP
121Seattle Public SchoolsDANAWSP
189Sedro-Woolley School DistrictCELAWSP
105Selah School DistrictDANAWSP
114Sequim School DistrictDANAWSP
113Shelton School DistrictMARAWSP
121Shoreline School DistrictDANAWSP
189Snohomish School DistrictDANAWSP
121Snoqualmie Valley School DistrictMARAWSP
171Soap Lake School DistrictDANAWSP
113South Bend School DistrictMARAWSP
114South Kitsap School DistrictCELAWSP
189South Whidbey School DistrictDANAWSP
113Southside School DistrictCELAWSP
101Spokane School DistrictMARAWSP
101Sprague School DistrictMARAWSP
101St. John School DistrictMARAWSP
189Stanwood-Camano School DistrictCELAWSP
123Starbuck School DistrictDANAWSP
171Stehekin School DistrictMARAWSP
121Steilacoom Hist. School DistrictDANAWSP
101Steptoe School DistrictMARAWSP
112Stevenson-Carson School DistrictCELAWSP
189Sultan School DistrictCELAWSP
121Sumner School DistrictDANAWSP
105Sunnyside School DistrictCELAWSP
121Tacoma School DistrictCELAWSP
121Tahoma School DistrictCELAWSP
101Tekoa School DistrictMARAWSP
113Tenino School DistrictCELAWSP
105Thorp School DistrictCELAWSP
113Toledo School DistrictMARAWSP
171Tonasket School DistrictMARAWSP
105Toppenish School DistrictDANAWSP
123Touchet School DistrictMARAWSP
112Toutle Lake School DistrictMARAWSP
121Tukwila School DistrictDANAWSP
113Tumwater School DistrictDANAWSP
105Union Gap School DistrictDANAWSP
121University Place School DistrictMARAWSP
101Valley School DistrictMARAWSP
112Vancouver School DistrictCELAWSP
121Vashon Island School DistrictMARAWSP
112Wahkiakum School DistrictCELAWSP
105Wahluke School DistrictCELAWSP
123Waitsburg School DistrictDANAWSP
123Walla Walla Public SchoolsDANAWSP
105Wapato School DistrictDANAWSP
171Warden School DistrictMARAWSP
112Washougal School DistrictCELAWSP
101Washtucna School DistrictMARAWSP
171Waterville School DistrictCELAWSP
101Wellpinit School DistrictDANAWSP
101West Valley School District (Spokane)MARAWSP
105West Valley School District (Yakima)CELAWSP
113White Pass School DistrictCELAWSP
121White River School DistrictCELAWSP
112White Salmon Valley School DistrictCELAWSP
101Wilbur School DistrictDANAWSP
113Willapa Valley School DistrictMARAWSP
171Wilson Creek School DistrictDANAWSP
113Winlock School DistrictDANAWSP
112Wishram School DistrictCELAWSP
112Woodland School DistrictDANAWSP
105Yakima School DistrictDANAWSP
105Zillah School DistrictCELAWSP
171Brewster School DistrictMARMARPR
112Centerville School DistrictDAN AWSP
114Crescent School DistrictMARMARPR
113Evaline School DistrictCEL -----
121Mercer Island School DistrictDANMARPR
189Mount Baker School DistrictMARMARPR
171Nespelem School DistrictMAR AWSP
113Oakville School DistrictMAR AWSP
101Orient School DistrictMARMARPR
101Riverside School DistrictMAR AWSP
113Taholah School DistrictMARMARPR
171Wenatchee School DistrictMARMARPR
113Wishkah Valley School DistrictMARMARPR
113Yelm School DistrictMAR AWSP


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