Teacher/Principal Evaluation Program
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General Questions

Sue Anderson, Program Director


The Teacher/Principal Evaluation Program

The Teacher/Principal Evaluation Program was born out of Engrossed Second Substitute Senate Bill 6696 during the 2010 legislative session. The evaluation provisions in the bill were part of a larger reform effort made during Washington's Race to the Top application. The bill created our pilot project and moved the state from a two-tiered system of unsatisfactory, to a four-tiered evaluation system. In addition to moving to a four-tiered system, the legislation created eight new criteria for teachers and principals to be evaluated upon, with common themes tying the criteria for teachers and principals together.

Development and Implementation
TPEP Core Principles, legislation, and district framework choices.

State Evaluation Criteria, Frameworks, and Rubrics
An instructional or leadership framework is a common language and vision of what quality teaching and leading looks like. It is shared by everyone in the district and aligns to the eight state criteria created by E2SSB 6696.

Training Modules
Developed in partnership with the American Institute for Research, this series of training modules is designed to assist school leadership teams understand the WA evaluation system.

Rater Agreement
Rater Agreement is the extent to which the scores between the raters have consistency and accuracy against predetermined standards. The predetermined standards are the instructional and leadership frameworks and rubrics that define the basis for summative criterion level scores.

Student Growth
Legislation, rubrics, and resources to assist educators in understanding the importance of student growth within their evaluation system.

Professional Learning
PD opportunities, approved trainers, teacher training funding, and additional TPEP resources.

A web-based tool designed to manage the evaluation process and documentation. The system is an EDS application and hosted in a state of the art network operations center. The site is physically secured, monitored 24 hours a day, and backed up continuously. It is personalized for each district based on their instructional framework.

Training and Events
A calendar of statewide and regional TPEP trainings listed by ESD.

Q and A
Specific questions and answers about the TPEP process and legislation.

Resources and Reports

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TPEP News to Know

Heads Up CEL 5D+ districts!
CEL 5D+ will have a revised rubric for instructional growth and teacher evaluation, ready for use starting in the 2017-18 school year. Check out the rationale for revisions and take advantage of a webinar which introduces version three of the 5D+ Rubric, highlights changes from the previous version and explains what educators using the tool in their practice need to keep in mind when switching to the updated rubric.

Changes to TPEP WAC!
Changes to WAC 392-191A are finalized and take effect this school year. They include changes to the Focused evaluation process and to the definition of "observation," as well as some language clarifications. Districts have the choice to implement the changes to the Focused evaluation (392-191A-120 and 190) in 2016-17 or in 2017-18. Changes to all other sections are effective for this school year.

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