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Student Learning Plan

Frequently Asked Questions about Student Plans

Who is required to have a SLP?

Learning plans must be developed for all 8th grade students who were not successful on any or all areas of the state assessment during the previous year, and for 8th grade students who have academic deficiencies or have excessive absence rates that could interfere with graduation. It should be noted that the plan does not move forward as the student enters high school. Connecting the SLP to planning for the student’s High School & Beyond Plan enables a seamless transition to 9th grade.

When does the SLP have to be completed?

The law doesn’t specify when the plans need to be completed. The learning plans will be most helpful to students if they are completed early in the school year.

What about students who are new to the district? What if they didn't take the state assessment or we can't locate their scores?

Efforts should be made to locate state assessment results of students who transferred into the district. If a student did not take the state assessment (e.g., transferred from out-of-state, was absent, was a private or home-schooled student), a learning plan would only be required for 8th grade students who have academic deficiencies or have excessive absence rates that could interfere with transition to the next level of school.

What about students enrolled in special education? They already have individual education plans. Do we have to create separate SLPs for them?

As long as the student learning plans include the elements required in the law, districts have the option to either create learning plans for students receiving special education services, or to incorporate these learning plans into existing individual education plans (IEP). The law does not specifically address students eligible for special education services.

Are any other learning plans required?

The 2004 Legislature required that SLPs be developed for students who participate in the Learning Assistance Program (LAP), beginning in the 2005-06 school year. These plans may be incorporated into other student achievement plans, such as the 8th grade SLPs, "High School and Beyond" plans, individual education plans, or achievement plans for groups of students.

How are parents involved in these learning plans?

Parents or guardians must be notified of the SLP, preferably through a parent conference. Progress on the plan must be reported to parents or guardians at least once a year.

   Updated 5/22/2017

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