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Student Discipline

Training: Best Practices and Laws in K–12 Student Discipline

OSPI is developing discipline training modules in accordance with RCW 28A.415.410. The training content will be made available during the course of the 2018–19 school year. The modules will cover best practices and laws related to student discipline within the context of Washington K–12 educational settings.

    Purpose: To support implementation of discipline policies and procedures under WA State law.

    Audience: All school and district staff who interact with students, including instructional staff and non-instructional staff.

    Timeline: Training modules will be developed and released in phases during the 2018–19 school year.

    Format: Modules will be made available online in formatting that allows both in-person and online delivery of the content.

    Content: The first module will provide a foundation for understanding best practices in discipline and discipline laws. Subsequent modules will provide additional details regarding best practices and laws that pertain to discipline data, definitions, conditions and limitations, and procedures.

Behavior Menu of Best Practices and Strategies

The Behavior Menu of Best Practices and Strategies provides resources and information to guide schools in the implementation of supportive school discipline practices. Contact your regional Education Service District (ESD) for potential training opportunities.

Discipline Training Webinar: Connecting Research, Policy, and Practice in Student Discipline

On October 11, 2017, OSPI hosted a webinar to provide a preview of the content that will be covered in the first discipline training module. The first module will provide a foundation for understanding the connection between research, policies, and practices in student discipline. OSPI is making a recording of the webinar and related resources available online until the formal training module is formatted and complete.

If you have any feedback on the training content or are interested in hosting a regional in-person Module 1 training for district and school teams please contact Joshua Lynch, Program Supervisor, Student Discipline, Behavior, and Readiness to Learn at


Introduction (0:00 – 5:15)

The Purpose of Discipline in K–12 Education (5:16 – 12:07)
Video: Every Opportunity

The Impact of Exclusionary Discipline Practices (12:08 – 20:32)
Key Reading: American Psychological Association Zero Tolerance Task Force. (2008). Are zero tolerance policies effective in the schools?: An evidentiary review and recommendations. The American Psychologist, 63(9), 852.

Video: School to Prison Pipeline

Recent Laws and Public Policy (20:33 – 31:10)
Key Reading: Mosehauer, K., McGrath, N., Nist, J., & Pilar, K. (2012). Reclaiming Students: The Educational and Economic Costs of Exclusionary Discipline in Washington State. Washington Appleseed & Team Child.

Video: Students Speak Out About Exclusionary School Discipline

Recent Research and Best Practices in Discipline (31:11 – 37:59)
Key Reading: Gregory A., Bell J., & Pollock M. (2014) How Educators Can Eradicate Disparities in School Discipline: A Briefing Paper on School-Based Interventions. Discipline Disparities: A Research-to-Practice Collaborative.

Video: Dr. Pedro Noguera: Disproportional Discipline

Video: School ditching suspensions for conversations

Family Engagement (38:00 – 42:22)
Key Reading: Mapp, K.L. & Kuttner, P.J. (2013). Partners in education: A dual capacity-building framework for family-school partnerships. SEDL.

Video: Dr. Karen Mapp Shares Advice for Educators on Family and Community Engagement Strategies

Video: Workshop Session FWPS

Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) (42:22 – 48:33)
Key Reading: Green, A., Nese, R., McIntosh, K., Nishioka, V., Eliason, B., & Delabra, A. C. (2015). Key elements of policies to address discipline disproportionality: A guide for district and school teams.

Video: Reflections on a Multi-Tiered System of Supports

Video: PBIS: A Framework for All Schools

Conclusion (48:33 – 52:02)

Video: School suspensions are an adult behavior


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