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  Student and School Success

School System Improvement Resource Guide (SSIRG)
Revised July 2005

About this guide
OSPI and the Washington Association of School Administrators (WASA), working with a team of superintendents and central office administrators, have developed this publication to:

  • Support districts as they analyze existing systems and look at additional district-wide structures they may need to create a culture in which the importance of student achievement is reflected in an ongoing, data-driven process.
  • Provide a model planning process that fits the parameters defined by the federal government for those districts that must develop a district improvement plan as a result of not meeting Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) in one or more areas over a two-year period.
  • Highlight research findings from state and national experiences that provide examples of best practices with proven track records of success in improving student learning.

School System Improvement Resource Guide

Download entire guide (PDF, 234 pages, 2.72 MB)

Table of Contents:

  • Purpose
  • Guide Overview and Development
  • An Analysis of How the Research on High Performing Districts Aligns With Washington State's Nine Characteristics of High Performing Schools
  • How Effective School Systems and Schools Work Together in School Improvement
    1. Model Planning Process Overview
    2. Levels of Support Available to Districts
    3. Planning Process Outline and Resources, Phase One
    4. Planning Process Outline and Resources, Phase Two
    5. Planning Process Outline and Resources, Phase Three
    6. Research on District Best Practices
    7. Appendix
    8. Glossary
    9. Supplemental Resources


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