Required Action Districts
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  Student and School Success

Required Action Districts (RAD)

Required Action Districts (RAD) are districts that include at least one school identified as persistently lowest-achieving, with the lowest levels of achievement and rates of improvement in the all students subgroup in reading and mathematics for the past three consecutive years.

Required Action District (RAD), Level I Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
Sample Notification Letter to Parents/Guardians of Required Action District (RAD) Schools

2014 Required Action District Academic Performance Audit
The 2014 Required Action District Academic Performance Audit Reports were prepared under contract by an external audit team for the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. In each report, the external audit team examines the criteria listed in RCW 28A.657.040 addressing potential reasons for low performance and lack of progress. For reference the following documents are included as appendices to each report: the Required Action District Frequently Asked Questions, School Data Dashboard (CEE, 2013), and Assessment of Progress Report (the BERC Group, 2013).

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Stewart Middle School and Tacoma School District
Tulalip Elementary School and Marysville School District
Washington Middle School and Yakima School District
Wellpinit Elementary School and Wellpinit School District

Required Action District (RAD) Guidance Handbook
The Office of Student and School Success created the Required Action District (RAD) Guidance Handbook to serve several purposes. First, it describes exactly what districts need to do to satisfy requirements for Required Action Districts and to exit required action status. Next, the handbook is intended to clarify our intention that districts identified for required action build upon their current Student and School Success Action Plans when addressing concerns raised in the Academic Performance Audit Report. We created this handbook as a companion to the Student and School Success Action-Planning Handbook. We hope leadership teams will use both documents as they address Required Action District requirements and revise/amend their current Student and School Success Action Plans in light of audit report findings.

Required Action Districts Level One Plan Guidance

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