OSPI Reading and Math Benchmark Assessment Informational Webinar
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  Student and School Success

OSPI Reading and Math Benchmark Assessment

To Participate
If your district WILL participate in the 2013-14 OSPI Reading and Math Benchmark Assessments, please complete the OSPI Benchmark Assessment Statement of Interest by June 13, 2013 to ensure program logistics are in place prior to training.

You may complete a Statement of Interest after this date. Please contact Serene Cook prior to submission.

More Information
Math Benchmark Assessments | Reading Benchmark Assessments

OSPI is entering our 5th year of implementing Benchmark Assessments in districts and schools across our state. We invite all districts across Washington State to implement the Benchmark System to inform their ongoing efforts to improve student outcomes. MBAs and RBAs are standards-based interim assessments developed to provide ongoing information about the teaching and learning of both Washington State and Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The assessments are designed to evaluate students' knowledge and skills relative to a specific set of standards and inform critical intervention decisions at the classroom level.

Highlights of 2013-14 OSPI Reading and Math Benchmark Assessments

  • All Reading Benchmark Items reflect Common Core State Standards.
  • MBA items were written to WA PEs. Whenever possible, items have been adjusted to reflect CCSS-M.
  • All items and passages reflect the diverse population across the state.
  • SBAC Content Specifications framed RBA passage selection and item writing.
  • The data analysis process aligns with Indistar Indicator Principle 5 (Use data to inform instruction).
  • OSPI’s divisions of Student & School Success, Teaching & Learning, and Assessment collaborated on item writing and revision with district content leaders across the state.

Web-Based System
OSPI partners with Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt in the use of DataDirector, a web-based assessment and data analysis system, for developing the OSPI Benchmark Assessments and reporting their results.

Pricing Structure
DataDirector costs* follow:




Cost per Student













*Title I-participating schools identified as Priority or Focus based on the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Flexibility Request may seek reimbursement through their iGrants form package. For questions related to available funding sources, please contact Tisha Hansen, Resource Program Specialist, Office of Student and School Success, at 360-725-6424 or tisha.hansen@k12.wa.us.

Additional Information
Please contact Serene Cook at (253) 310-1414 or Serene Cook with questions.


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