Professional Development and Training
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  Student and School Success

Professional Development and Training

Positive outcomes were realized in districts and schools when:

  • Teachers actively engaged in understanding the purpose, test design, and standards assessed; and
  • Teachers and district leaders analyzed assessment results at the school, grade/course, and classroom levels to inform improvements in curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Based on these findings, OSPI now provides professional development and technical assistance to ensure all districts and schools are supported in the implementation and the use of the benchmark assessments.

PD Services Participants Purpose

(1/2 day)

  • District/School Leadership Teams
  • District Instruction & Assessment Leads
  • School Principals
  • Instructional Coaches
  • Teacher Leaders

Provides an overview of the purpose and test design of the OSPI Benchmark Assessments, administration procedures, and the web-based student assessment system used to develop the Benchmark Assessments and report student results. (Fall)

Data Analysis & Instructional Improvement
(3 days)

Enables participants to understand how to access and analyze assessment data and use student results in an instructional decision-making process (1 day of data analysis PD/TA is provided after each administration period). (Fall, Winter, Spring)

Use of DataDirector
(2 days)

  • District Instruction & Assessment Leads

Day 1: Provides overview of DataDirector, basic system navigation of the tool, reports, assessment building, and adding data through scanning and online testing; regional training provided in August.

Day 2: Learn how to build 2013-14 MBAs to match district specific blueprint; regional training provided in September.

MBA Blueprinting
(1 day)

  • Up to 3 District Mathematics Leads

Identify the MBA standards assessed on each of the three benchmarks; considerations taken to ensure the blueprint aligns to the instructional sequence in the district’s pacing/curriculum guide.(Prior to September 2013)

*Professional development and technical assistance fee *

  • No cost to Title I-participating schools identified as Priority or Focus as part of Washington State’s approved ESEA Flexibility Request.
  • All non-Title Priority, Focus, and Emerging schools, can access professional development through their Educational Service District (ESD) for an agreed upon fee.


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