Data Analysis & Reporting
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  Student and School Success

Data Analysis & Reporting

OSPI partners with Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt in the use of DataDirector, a web-based student assessment and data system, for developing the benchmark assessments and reporting their results. DataDirector offers a flexible and efficient assessment management system that makes creating, administering, analyzing, and reporting all types of assessments easy. 

Exam reports provide the opportunity for teachers and district leaders to easily analyze benchmark data to identify student strengths and areas for improvement. Reports are provided at the classroom, grade/course, school, and district levels, and student performance is displayed by test, standard, and item.

Through access to banks of high-quality reading and math items aligned to Common Core State Standards, educators can also use DataDirector to design formative and interim assessments, analyze results, and generate reports.

The contract pricing for DataDirector is based on grade-level enrollment and not the actual number of students taking benchmark assessment. The 2013-14 fee per student ranges from $4.50-$5.25, depending on implementation level.

Samples of these reports are available below.

School Exam Report

District: The District Exam Report identifies school performance by standard.

Classroom : The Classroom Performance Summary Report identifies student performance by standard.


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