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Staff Presentations and Handouts
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2015 OSPI/WASA Special Education Workshop

Presentation Presenter(s)

Citizen Complaints and Due Process Hearings: A View from Two District’s Perspectives

Pamela McPartland
Jacque Johnson, Central Valley School District
Christopher Willis, Federal Way School District
Kasi Walker
Abigail Westbrook


Does Advocacy Have to be Adversarial? A Panel Discussion on Engaging Parents and Advocates in the Special Education Process

Scott Raub


Educational Interpreters Requirements and Opportunities

Rick Hauan
John Bresko
Carol Carrothers


I’ve Got This Data, Now What Do I Do With It?

Sandy Grummick
Amber O’Donnell


Reducing Disparities in Student Discipline

Sarah Albertson
Calandra Sechrist

Equity in Student Discipline Handout

Results Driven Accountability: Consistency Index Initiative

Wendy Iwaszuk
Sandy Grummick


Safety Net – The Year in Review

Mary Ellen Parrish


Special Education Accountability

Jennifer Story


Understanding the Significance of the Federal IDEA Grant Application

Janice Tornow


Washington Integrated System of Monitoring: Results, Trends, and Takeaways

Valerie Arnold
Janice Tornow
Tania May
Diann Zavala, Grandview School District
Beth Mills, Tacoma Public Schools

Washington Integrated System of Monitoring Systems Analysis Critical Elements Outline – Fall 2014

Washington Integrated System of Monitoring Issues and Trends

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